Orion Metals Limited: Appointment of New Director – Mr. Bin Cai

May 1, 2012 (Source: Orion Metals) — The Board of Orion Metals Limited (ASX: ORM) is pleased to announce the appointment ofMr Bin Cai as a Director. Mr Cai is the Managing Director of Mr Conglin Yue’s AustraliaConglin International Investment Group Pty Ltd based in Brisbane. The Conglin Group isOrion’s largest shareholder with a 19.8% interest. Mr Cai has an outstanding record ofsuccessful strategic investments in emerging Australian resources companies based on hislong experience in resources investment. Prior to joining the Conglin Group Mr. Cai hadeight years experience with The China Investment Bank. Mr Cai is also a Director ofCarpentaria Exploration Limited.

Welcoming Mr. Cai to the board, Chairman of the Company Mr. David Barwick stated thathaving Mr Cai as a director would strengthen the Company’s association with the AsianResource sector as the Company advanced its various Rare Earth and Gold Exploration prospects both in Australia and now in South Korea.

How Will the Appointment of a New Director Affect Orion Metals’ Financing?

The appointment of a new director may positively impact Orion Metals’ financing. With the recent raise of asx: orm $1.1 million, the company may now have additional resources to support its financial position. The new director’s strategic decisions could further strengthen the company’s financing prospects.

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