How Much Gold to Put into a Retirement Account

Thursday, June 20th 2024

Whenever the economy starts to fluctuate precious metals, most specifically gold, tend to outperform the stock market and have a high value. People from around the world turn to gold in order to protect their wealth. With COVID and other current news headlines, many people are turning to precious metals in order to secure their money.

How much gold should you have in your IRA retirement account? Let’s take a look.


The reason that people turn to gold is to get away from the volatility of the stock market. At the same time, it is important to note that gold also has a level of volatility to it too. The prices of gold fluctuate as seen recently. You need to be prepared to accept this volatility before deciding how much gold to store in your IRA account.

One important thing to keep in mind when it comes to gold and volatility is that the price of gold has so far always come back up. This is because gold is a physical product, it doesn’t disappear if a company goes under.

How Much Gold

Determining the exact amount of gold that you want to put into your account isn’t as simple as us just giving you a figure. It depends on your comfort level, your needs, and the amount of money you have available. Peter LaTona of APMEX recently gave the public an estimate of between 4 and 20% for how much of their investment portfolio that gold should make up. This is solid advice and is on par with suggestions given by other investing professionals.

A key part to determining how much gold you should invest in is understanding the history of gold. That includes its performance tends. One way to do this is to look at trend charts and then find out what affected the trends that you see. Keep in mind that no one company counteracts gold’s performance. Gold tends to be effected by more wide spread financial events.

Gold is not a currency form that can be easily created. Cash can quickly be produced by the federal government. The more that they produce, the more it can impact the economy. With the lack of ability to create gold, you do not have to worry about the gold prices being easily affected. Another way to view this is the lack of an ability to create gold prevents anyone from forcing the price down.

The current events going on around the world are also something that you will want to think about. Are the events likely to continue? How will they shape the future?

These are just a couple of the things that you need to think about when trying to decide how much gold to put in your gold IRA account. Reflect upon the risk, your reasons for investing in gold, and your other investments to determine what percentage of your investment should be in gold.

It may help to speak with a financial advisor to determine what percentage is right for you. In the end it is still your decision though.

Gold in Your IRA Account

Gold IRAs allow for you to invest in physical gold as the platform that funds your IRA. The government restricts what forms of gold can make up an IRA account, that being gold coins and gold bars. Gold isn’t the only precious metal you can invest into an IRA, you can also invest silver, platinum, and palladium. The performance of gold makes it a great option and is considered by most investors to be the best gold IRA investment you can make.

An important note about gold in IRA accounts is that it must be stored by a custodian in an approved storage facility. You cannot store it at home. This helps with the security of the gold but also ensures that it isn’t sold until it is time for your IRA to be dispersed.

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