Rare Earth Industry Dominated by the Scary Smart Club

It is all over the media: Scary Smart Wanted. Forget having looks — that’s dated, plus you can always pay for what you need: welcome to the era where Revenge of the Nerds is no longer a fantasy but a reality. It’s the IQ players that are being invested in and investors are playing the genius IQ’d like horses at the derby. Believe me if you want to see scary smart, you should see the parade of geeks in this business! Maybe this is the reason that on our watchlist the market caps moved 265% since January. 

As the Publisher of RareMetalBlog, we send out RMBAlerts to a select group of people in our industry (aka “The Scary Smart Club”) when substantial news stories cross the wires combined with unusual web traffic. So when I was notified by our Atlanta-based editor that BusinessWeek had an intriguing story out, I ran to my new laptop that I can barely operate (moved back to a Mac after the PC crashed in DC) to access “Korea Resources Finds Rare Earth Minerals in S. Korea’s East.”

This could be big I thought, but then I read: “We found rare earth minerals while developing an iron ore mine,” Kang Shin Young, a spokesman at Korea Resources, said by phone today. “We do not know about reserves and need more exploration.” Hmmm, so if they do not know about reserves…how can they say it’s large? Certainly bigger is better but this is not a Saturday night out on the town where conjecture and innuendo is needed: this is the investment business after all. And what exactly are we talking about – lanthanum, dysprosium, neodynium; lights or heavies? They do confess that they ‘need more exploration’, so I read with amusement the following line: “The deposit in Gangwon contains a large quantity of rare metal reserves and will be in production in 2012, the Chosun Ilbo newspaper earlier cited an unidentified official at Korea Resources as saying…”

Alright, someone help me here but if they need more exploration, and don’t know what they have a-n-d we are only 14 months away from 2012, this seems like an inane comment…it’s clearly time for me to call Dudley Kingsnorth as he qualifies as an excellent candidate for the new Scary Smart Club. But even I, who is arguably “Pretty Smart” knows that this is highly unlikely.

How Does Great Western Minerals’ Success Impact the Rare Earth Industry Dominated by the Scary Smart Club?

The rare earth industry dominated by the Scary Smart Club is undergoing a shift as Great Western Minerals’ success impacts the market. As the company continues to thrive, great western minerals congratulates the industry, showcasing the potential for growth and competition within this exclusive market.

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