Jeff Phillips Comments on Graphite Market Velocity and the Strategic Metals Market

We are delighted to post this interview with Jeff Phillips, President of Global Market Development and an Advisory Board member for REE World.

He says: “Never underestimate the Canadian junior resource markets tremendous velocity…” and then proceeds to discuss how he got interested in investing in strategic metals. Jeff has been a strong leader in the rare earth sector, and so it was no surprise that he would be on the forefront of the graphite boom.

Invested in Flinders Resources (TSXV: FDR), in this interview, he comments on their economics and the dynamics of investing in today’s market. We interviewed him for GraphiteBlog — but there is commentary on Tasman Rare Element (TSXV: TSM) and the rare earth market. A very inciteful investor, I recommend this interview.

How Does the Acquisition of the Ontario Large Flake Graphite Project Impact the Graphite Market and Strategic Metals Market?

The canadian international minerals acquisition of the Ontario Large Flake Graphite Project is set to make a significant impact on the graphite and strategic metals market. This acquisition brings high-quality graphite resources into the market, potentially affecting supply and demand dynamics, thereby shaping the industry’s landscape for the foreseeable future.
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