Lynas Issues Schedule Clarification on Malaysia Plant

Australian REE frontrunner Lynas Corp. has issued a Schedule Clarification on their upcoming Kuantan ore processing plant site.

Given the confusion surrounding the IAEA’s recommendations, and the list of improvements that they suggested, Lynas has been issuing regular statements intended to cut through some of the rampant speculation that’s out there. 

Malaysia’s Ministries of International Trade and Industry, and Science, Technology and Innovation previously stated that :”Lynas will be required to provide – for AELB’s consideration and approval – a comprehensive long-term detailed plan for waste management, including at the decommissioning and remediation level.”

The AELB is the Malaysian regulatory body with authority to approve the plan and issue the pre-operational licence. 

Lynas’ executive chairman Nicholas Curtis told reporters following release of the report last week, “We will implement all aspects of the recommendations together with the regulatory authorities to further enhance the plant’s safety.”

Lynas’ clarification acknowledges that the IAEA report ‘despite finding no instance of non-compliance with international regulations, has suggested a list of improvements, largely directed not at Lynas, but at the licensing authority”, as well as a slight risk of delay in obtaining their operating license, but only by a few weeks, and confirms that the Kuantan site is on schedule to produce finished products before the end of the year.

They further discuss things that Lynas is currently working on, in order to mitigate risk of delay to commercial supply, including: 

  • preparing the customer qualification process in advance
  • exploring and implementing any possible marginal capacity increases (de-bottlenecking)
  • accelerating the ramp-up

What is the current status of the Lynas Malaysia plant’s schedule?

The current status of the Lynas Malaysia plant’s schedule is on track for completion. Despite facing challenges, the plant is set to meet its production targets. With continued efforts to address environmental concerns, the lynas malaysia plant is working towards sustainable operations.

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