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Discover Hidden Value Potential from Wet Scrap Metal

If your company is producing metal scrap and not recycling it properly, you could be losing a lot of money. By not condensing these wet metal waste filings, chippings and clippings that accumulate in the workplace, the potential value of this scrap material is greatly diminished.

In order to increase the market value of scrap metals like aluminum, copper and a variety of other waste metals, it is necessary to compact the material into a dense briquette. Not only does this reduce the volume by up to 8:1, but it also extracts the necessary coolant fluids from wet scrap metal.

When the briquette material is compacted and the fluid is removed, it becomes much smaller and lighter. This makes it cheaper to handle. In addition, briquetting can help to salvage between 20% and 30% of cooling fluids. These combined benefits contribute to its high-cost effectiveness.

But how do you know which metal briquetter is right for you?

The answer depends on the specific needs of your company. That’s why it is important to have a professional help you determine the best solution. This individual will consider essential factors that include:

  • volume of scrap metal produced
  • type of coolant used
  • whether or not your company can melt metal down

Additionally, the amount of monetary return that can be expected depends on what type of scrap metal is being processed. Aluminum typically generates the highest return, with a value increase of anywhere from 25% to 100% when put through the briquetting process. Copper and brass values can rise by 50%.

For more information on scrap metal recovery, contact:

Applied Recovery Systems, Inc.
9100 Van American Drive
Waco, TX 76712
Telephone U.S.: (800) 577-3766 –  (254) 666-0144
Fax: (254)666-8265

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