Rare Earth Industry Experts to Gather in San Francisco for Asian Metal 2012 International Rare Earth Summit

On Wednesday I’ll be traveling to San Francisco for the Asian Metal 2012 International Rare Earth Summit to be held from May 9-11, 2012. The event is set to attract a diverse audience encompassing end-users, producers and potential suppliers with a large contingent of participants from Asia, Europe and South America. Of note, the summit will feature presentations and timely analyses of the rare earth supply chain with detailed coverage of the rare earth industry within China and industry experts will also debate changes in demand for materials and address solutions to the challenges faced in today’s rare earth industry.

On May 10, 2012, Pol Le Roux, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Lynas Corporation Ltd. (ASX: LYC) will deliver a keynote address on the topic of international mining and will give a Lynas status and development overview. With all the recent news about Lynas and May 9, 2012, set to be the next big day for Lynas’ defamation suits filed against two protest groups participants in attendance will surely be waiting to see what transpires on that topic and will be especially interested in what he has to say.

I was asked to deliver the opening remarks on May 11, 2012. I intend to speak about the opportunities that the existing market is presenting.

Jeff Green, President of J.A. Green & Company is scheduled to speak after me about the rare earth supply chain and US government policy and investment.  The topic should evoke some interesting questions and I am particularly interested to hear what he says about the recent US Strategic Materials Roundtable held on March 23, 2012, that did not include any producers of the critical materials that the US needs for its strategic security and economic development.

Other RareMetalBlog sponsors will also be presenting and in attendance. Here are my Cliffs Notes on what they’ll talk about and their most recent news.

Pele Mountain Resources Inc. (TSXV: GEM): Al Shefsky, President and Director, will talk about their Elliot Lake Project as a secure and reliable source of long-term supply of critical rare earths. Most recently Pele Mountain announced the sale of its Highland Gold Project to focus on its Eco Ridge rare earth and uranium project at Elliot Lake.

Quest Rare Minerals Ltd. (TSX: QRM): Peter Cashin, President and CEO, will talk about their Strange Lake heavy rare earth deposit in Quebec and satisfying the critical rare earth oxide (CREO) supply deficit by 2016-2017. Most recently Quest Rare Minerals issued their first quarter financial statements.

Matamec Explorations Inc. (TSXV: MAT): Andre Gauthier, President, will talk about how rare earths are not commodities. Most recently Matamec Explorations filed its preliminary economic assessment for its Kipawa rare earth, yttrium and zirconium project in Quebec.

Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. (TSXV: GWG): Gary Billingsley, Executive Chairman and Director, will deliver a keynote address about processing and alloying and an integrated approach to rare earths. Most recently, Great Western Minerals released their annual financial results highlighting that manufacturing revenues from their wholly owned subsidiaries Less Common Metals Limited and Great Western Technologies Inc. for the year ended December 31, 2011 represented a 9% increase over the year ended December 31, 2010.

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