RMB Readers Break Records & LYNAS REE Numbers Kick off Debate

Am looking forward to Graeme’s The London HREE Report in the morning when I rise, maybe he can kick off the debate on why we broke our highest audience rate today and why several rare metal companies featured on RareMetalStock moved upwards of 10%+ today, including TASMAN Metals (RareMetalBlog Sponsor) up 17.65%…

Then there was a reader who wrote us with: “I am not sure if you are aware but yesterday LYC reported massive price increase in their basket of REE’s.  This is a weekly increase of approximately 16%…I am just wondering if you have heard anything in relation to why this has occurred.  Has China announced their first monthly fixed prices for REE’s?”  (another source online 7-26-10: “The average rare earths composition price for Lynas’ Mount Weld product has increased to US$21.43 kg/REO on a FOB basis. This is a rise of over 16 per cent in the past week.”)

This individual included a link to this page on the LYNAS website, which we included for discusion as per the request: – The table below shows the average annual price for a ‘standard’ 99% purity of individual elements and for the generic composite of Rare Earths equivalent to the Rare Earths distribution at Mt Weld. Prices are quoted in US$/kg on an FOB China basis. Note that higher purity oxides and other value added properties will attract higher prices than those shown.

Rare Earth OxideMt Weld Distribution200720082009Q1 2009  Q1 2010 26/07/10
Lanthanum Oxide25.50%3.448.714.887.286.0812.00
Cerium Oxide46.74%3.044.563.884.584.4610.50
Neodymium Oxide18.50%30.2431.9019.1214.5027.5642.00
Praseodymium Oxide5.32%29.0529.4818.0314.5026.1338.80
Samarium Oxide2.27%3.605.203.404.753.409.50
Dysprosium Oxide0.124%89.10118.49115.6796.46156.50280.00
Europium Oxide0.443%323.90481.92492.92448.85512.40558.00
Terbium Oxide0.068%590.40720.77361.67370.77478.90540.00
Av. Mt Weld Composition11.5914.8710.329.9113.1321.43

Note: Mt Weld distribution totals 98.9%, the balance is made up of Gadolinium, Holmium, Erbium and Yttrium oxides.  Regular pricing information is not available for these metals.

Keep the blogs and information coming…just wait till you read what one of our readers is working on behind the scenes! Coming out this week…

What is the Debate Surrounding Lynas REE Numbers and How Does It Tie in with the Rare Earth Market Averages?

The debate surrounding Lynas REE numbers is a hot topic in the rare earth market. Analysts are closely watching how their numbers tie into the overall market averages. This has sparked a discussion about the future of the rare earth market and its potential impact on global trade and industry.

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