Simon Britt of GeoMega Resources on Niobium and Quebec Government Advantages

April 2, 2012 — Tracy Weslosky, CEO for Pro-Edge Consultants Inc. ( interviews Simon Britt, CEO of GéoMéga Resources Inc. (TSXV: GMA) ( about Phase 1 drilling results at their Montviel rare earth site in Quebec which yielded some significant results — 45 meters plus at 3% total rare earth oxide (TREO); 327 meters at 2% TREO. CEO Britt adds, “what was very interesting to us was our niobium content, which was significantly higher than the cross deposit; about 0.6 to 0.75 over 40 and 33 meters width.” The Montviel project is located in the Canadian province of Quebec, which is rich in rare earths. Another advantage for GéoMéga is its relationship with the Quebec Government who has been approached by rare earth separators for a potential partnership. If a rare earth separation plant were to be built in Quebec it could have significant positive implications for GéoMéga.

How will the Management Changes and Creation of a Sustainability Position Impact Niobium Mining in Quebec?

The Geomega management changes and creation of a sustainability position will likely have a significant impact on niobium mining in Quebec. These changes demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable practices and will likely lead to more environmentally responsible mining operations, which could ultimately benefit the local community and environment.

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