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How to Build a Wire Feed Enclosure With Boom

How to Build a Wire Feed Enclosure With Boom

Being a one-man welding and blacksmithing shop, I am always trying to come up with ways to make my life easier.

Another approach I have is to always buy multi-process welders for my business (I now have 1 shop & 2 portables). This allows me to swap back and forth with air arc, stick, tig, wire feeders, and spool gun.

One of the ideas that worked well for me has been a wire feed enclosure that houses my S-22P12 suitcase feeder. I found the 27 lb. suitcase all right, but when you add 33 lbs. of wire & 50 lbs. of gas, leed, & control wire, your suitcase becomes less and less portable @ 110lbs.

The enclosure-cart as you can see by the pictures, allows one to roll it around the shop with all clamps & tools on the bottom, or you can pull the bottom cart off and hang it from a boom on your portable units.

The addition of a 2-way boom that stays up or swings down allows you to work on many different projects and only be holding half the weight of the gun all day! That makes a difference.

If you add quick couplers and a leed rack to this unit it makes it all the easier to change to different machines and trucks.

welding boom

wire feed enclosure

wire feed enclocure boom

Instructions on how to build a wire feed enclosure

Author: Ralph J. Sproul – Bear Hill Blacksmith

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