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How to Build a Portable Welding / Cutting Table

How to Build a Portable Welding Table

I needed a small metal table that I could carry around to various jobs to use for holding weldements and for cutting. I wanted the table to be small enough to be easily carried and put into the back of my truck, but strong enough to hold heavy metal parts for welding and cutting.

I came up with the following simple design which works well for welding and cutting and the table doubles as a small step stool. The size of the table I built is 18″ BY 12″ BY 20″ high.You can make the table any size needed to serve your particular need.

( All Material Mild Steel )
  • 4 – 2″ X 3/8″ X 12″ Flat Stock ( Top )
  • 2 – 2″ X 2″X 3/16″ X 18″ Angle Iron ( Frame )
  • 4 – 2″ X 3/16″ X 20″ Flat Stock ( Legs )
  • 4 – 2″ X 3/16″ X 3″ Flat Stock ( Leg Pads )
  • 2 – 2″ X 2″ X 3/16″ X 2″ Angle Iron ( Rod & Tool Holder )

The pictures will show how I assembled the table. I left spaces between the top pieces which allow material to be clamped to the table and room for dross during cutting. I alsoused two pieces of angle iron to make a welding rod and chipping hammer holder.

Portable Welding Table Instructions

How to Build a Portable Cutting Table

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