Peak Resources: Metallurgy Program Update – NGualla Rare Earth Project

May 2, 2012 (Source: Peak Resources) —


Appointment of experienced Rare Earth Metallurgical Consultant – Gavin Beer

Mineralogy results support bastnaesite as the predominant rare earth host mineral in the deposit

Simple acid leach hydrometallurgical flow sheet remains the process route of choice


Peak Resources’ (ASX: PEK, ‘Peak’) 100% owned Ngualla Project in southern Tanzania is a large, high grade rare earth discovery with the maiden Mineral Resource announced on 29th February 2012. Ngualla ranks as the fifth largest rare earth deposit outside of China and the highest grade of the seven largest deposits. Rare earth mineralisation occurs as a thick blanket at surface and favourable bastnaesite mineralogy supports the potential for a relatively simple processing route.

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How Does the Metallurgy Program Update Impact the REE Economics at the NGualla Rare Earth Project?

The Metallurgy program update at the Ngualla Rare Earth Project has a significant impact on understanding REE economics and metallurgy. The improved understanding of the metallurgical processes involved in extracting rare earth elements will directly influence the economic feasibility and overall success of the project.

How Will the Appointment of a Project Manager Impact the Metallurgy Program for the Ngualla Rare Earth Project?

The project manager appointment will bring a new level of organization and leadership to the Metallurgy Program for the Ngualla Rare Earth Project. With their expertise in managing complex projects, the program can expect improved coordination, problem-solving, and efficient resource utilization, ultimately leading to a more successful outcome.

Can the Metallurgy Program Update at NGualla Rare Earth Project Affect Hudson Resources’ Mineral Resource?

The metallurgy program update at Ngualla Rare Earth Project may lead to significant grade increases in the mineral resource at Hudson Resources. This update could potentially have a substantial impact on the overall quality and quantity of the rare earth elements extracted from the site.

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