#1 Analyst Louis James Forecasts on Gold, Silver, Rare Earth Elements & Graphite


April 5, 2012 — Tracy Weslosky, CEO for Pro-Edge Consultants Inc. ( interviews her #1 ranked analyst Louis James, Editor of the Casey International Speculator about his analysis on market trends for gold, silver, rare metals and graphite investments. He comments on the gold market by saying, “volatility can be your best friend…you need volatility. You want to buy low and sell high. You need things to fluctuate, that’s how you buy low in order to sell high.” For the silver market, he says that if we see more economic downturn silver will get hit harder than gold because it is an industrial metal not just a precious metal. He views this as a good buying opportunity for silver. With the forecast of impending economic turmoil, he advises going into cash. He also talks about his views on the rare earth element (REE) market by noting that with China’s dominance of the REE industry political independence of other countries is at risk. He says that before entering the graphite market it is important to understand company financing and to ensure that the company has experienced people that understand the business.

What Are Analyst Louis James’ Forecasts for Globe Metals & Mining’s Activities?

Louis James’ activities report for march quarter 2012 indicates that Globe Metals & Mining is expected to focus on expanding its mining operations and strategic investments. With promising forecasts for the company’s activities, analysts anticipate positive growth and potential opportunities for investors in the near future.

How Will the Forecasted Decline in Rare Earth Elements Prices Impact the Market?

The declining prices of rare earth metals are expected to have a major impact on the market. While it may benefit industries that heavily rely on these metals, such as electronics and renewable energy, it could pose challenges for mining companies and countries heavily reliant on rare earth element exports.

How Will Louis James’ Forecasts Impact the Stability of the Market Following Hu’s Visit?

Louis James’ forecasts have the potential to influence the stability of the market following Hu’s visit. Investors are eagerly anticipating the impact of these predictions on the overall market performance. If James’ forecasts project a stable market outlook, it could instill confidence and positively influence investor sentiment.

What is the Outlook for Graphite in the Forecast for Gold, Silver, and Rare Earth Elements?

The outlook for graphite in the forecast for gold, silver, and rare earth elements is promising in the strategic metals market. As the demand for these elements continues to rise, graphite, a critical component in their production, is expected to play a crucial role in meeting the market’s needs.

What are the potential investment opportunities in Rare Earth elements mentioned in the Cambridge House REE Line-Up?

The Cambridge House REE Line-Up highlights potential investment opportunities in the rare earth mineral industry. With the growing demand for rare earth elements in various technologies, investments in this sector have gained attention. The event provides valuable insights for investors looking to capitalize on the evolving rare earth mineral industry.

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