Alkane Resources: Quarterly Report to 31 March 2012


April 27, 2012 (Source: Alkane) — Dubbo Zirconia Project (DZP)

Enhancements to rare earth recovery circuit to optimise recoveries – early results indicate significant improvements for important heavy rare earth elements

Product development continues and MOU discussions for the rare earth output are progressing well

Further process improvements have also been identified and will be trialled on the demonstration pilot plant

A Planning Focus Meeting with several State Government and Local Government agencies held on site at Toongi

A deep diamond core hole completed at Toongi and reconnaissance RC drilling at nearby Railway deposit – possible resource expansion, analysis under way

Rare earths prices stabilise but all prices substantially above feasibility study of September 2011

Tomingley Gold Project (TGP)

The Caloma deposit resource upgrade has delivered a 69% increase in total ounces to:

5.45Mt grading 2.1g/t for 369,400 ounces

Increasing the total for TGP resource by 24% to:

12.59Mt grading 2.0g/t for 811,700 ounces

Development approval of the project is still awaited from the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure

How Does Alkane Resources’ Quarterly Report Impact the Supply Estimate from the Broker?

Alkane Resources’ quarterly report has the potential to significantly impact the supply estimate for Alkane. Brokers closely analyze these reports to assess production levels and sales projections, which directly influence the overall supply estimate for the company. This information is crucial for making informed investment decisions.

What is the significance of the Quarterly Report for Alkane Resources in the context of their potential co-operation with Lynas?

The significance of the Quarterly Report for Alkane Resources in the context of their potential co-operation with Lynas lies in the potential for a beneficial lynas and alkane collaboration. This report could provide insights into the financial performance and strategic direction of Alkane Resources, which could impact their collaboration with Lynas.

What Progress Has Alkane Resources Made in Becoming a Top Tier Heavy Rare Earth Producer Since 2012?

Alkane Resources has made significant progress in becoming one of the top tier rare earth producers since 2012. The company has achieved this through strategic investments, technological advancements, and successful partnerships, solidifying its position among the top tier rare earth producers in the industry.

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