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Wednesday, July 17th 2024

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If you have even the slightest interest in gold IRA’s and related matters then chances are that you have heard of Rosland Capital. They are a well-marketed gold IRA company with a good market presence (U.S., Europe and Asia), but are they any good? Let us find out.

Background Information About Rosland

Rosland Capital was founded in 2008 in California by Marin Aleksov who still serves as the company’s CEO. That makes the company more than a decade old of age which makes them quite experienced by industry standards.

Mr. Aleksov has a business experience of over 20 years when it comes to precious metals investing. Rosland is headquartered in Los Angeles from where all their US clientele is served. They also have an international presence with affiliate offices in London, Hong Kong, Sweden and Germany.

Over the years, Rosland has developed recognition and relationships with Formula 1, PGA tours, and the British Museum and this has allowed them to offer unique coins minted with the trademarks of these illustrious organizations. It is worth mentioning that Rosland also offers “common” products, bullion coins like the American Eagle gold and silver Eagle coin, the American Buffalo coin, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf or even the Austrian Philharmonic coin. Those investments have gained popularity and Rosland understands the public need to add such assets to their retirement account in order to secure a comfortable retirement living.

Rosland also has been involved in many philanthropical works with the most notable being the auction of a 1-kilo gold bar to fund the research against dementia in the states. Rosland also takes an active part in educating the public about the benefits of Gold IRAs and precious metals.

What makes Rosland Capital a legit precious metals firm:

It is not an easy task to create the kind of customer base that Rosland Capital and here are some reasons why this firm is an attractive option for people looking to invest in precious metals within their retirement account and enjoy its tax benefits.

A Simple Approach to IRAs

A common flaw of the industry is the propensity to make things way more complicated than they need to be. As a result, people are often left with doubts regarding everything from the mode of investment to the sale of the gold and silver coins they plan to purchase or even their value.

This is somewhat due to the complicated rules governing Gold IRAs and their metal quality standards, and a certain level of intricacy is to be expected. However, a precious metal firm should not pile up on to this complexity by adding unnecessary steps. Rosland prides itself on being as plain and simple as possible with its metal dealings so that you are not put through any unnecessary hassles to buy gold or a precious metals IRA or other buying needs.

This is the only way to inspire confidence in prospective investors in gold and other precious metals. This straightforward, no judgement approach makes Rosland one of the easiest Gold IRA firms to start or progress your precious metals investment journey and get started investing in coins. An IRA can be opened starting with just a $50 administration fee.

Their strong background in educating and providing information to the public about Gold IRAs comes as an asset. Rosland can explain the various finer points of investment in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in laymen terms with minimal use of jargon or technical terms. Rosland provides value by giving you a clear approach to your metal investment options which is exactly what you need when looking to diversify your wealth.

Ease of Setting up a Gold IRA Account

Normally, people tend to avoid going the gold IRA route because of the steep learning curve and lack of proper information. When it comes to the investment of wealth, people want to be educated about everything from the viability and legality of the option to its security and the reasons why it is better than other investment options.

There is a lot of misinformation as well as doubts surrounding Gold IRAs and these need to be explained off in a lucid and clear manner.

Since the wealth and retirement funds are involved, people will be apprehensive about a different investment option and Rosland Capital understands that. This is why Rosland ensures that the first thing they do is put your mind at ease and clear any and all of your doubts and get you to that point of comfort where you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Many companies appear to be forceful in their approach to new customers and that is exactly the opposite of what you need when your wealth is the subject. Rosland Capital, however, takes the novel approach of putting all the information and options in front of you and allows you to make the decisions you feel are best for you.

Rosland will guide you and provide advice whenever you want them to but they won’t pressure you into a decision or purchases without letting you get all the facts. Their free gold kit is also an excellent added value for the first-time investor.

How to set up a Gold IRA account with Rosland Capital

Step 1: Contact Rosland Capital via phone or online form

You can either fill out the online form or call on their number and everything you need to know about IRAs and precious metals will be answered.

Step 2: Rosland Capital will procces your request

If everything feels all right then the expert from Rosland Capital will send all the necessary paperwork to Equity Institutional, the IRA administrators, together with Rosland Capital’s own customer agreement.

Step 3: Sign the papers and choose your metals

You will be required to sign a few forms and the Rosland Capital representative will create an account for you and discuss your available options for your IRA, including which coins you can buy.

Step 4: Rosland Capital will move your metals to their depository

After funding is achieved your Rosland Capital representative will arrange for the precious metals to be moved directly to their depository in Delaware. Your gold and other precious metals will be kept in a separate, secure storage specialized in asset holdings.

Rosland Capital Reputation

As we alluded to earlier, Rosland Capital has built a substantial customer base over the years for their IRA custodian services which means that they have experience of dealing metal with a lot of different customer needs when it comes to precious metals.

This makes them adept at helping customers out in a way that inspires confidence and makes them a worthwhile option for people looking for something trustworthy and with credentials to prove their knowledge of the subject.

They do not have a perfect track record as some customers have found things a bit tough when it comes to selling their gold and silver coins easily but even these issues have been taken care of eventually.

Having an experienced ally when it concerns matters regarding your wealth is always a plus and with Rosland Capital you get that. Rosland will also keep your expectations under check by providing real information so you know exactly what you are getting into.

There can be minor hiccups but so far, they have made every effort to ensure that eventually, you get what you want and expect from the company.

Rosland Capital Ratings on Consumer Review Sites

Knowledgeable Sales Team

This is one avenue where Rosland Capital is almost unrivaled and something they are incredibly proud of. Many companies falter in this regards as you immediately get the idea of being spoken to from a script as opposed to from a knowledgeable person.

Rosland Capital has ensured that their sales staff is knowledgeable and qualified enough to give you all the necessary information, analysis, and clear all of your doubts based on real and relevant facts instead of reading out from a script prepared by someone else on a subject matter they have no clue of.

This really helps if you are on the fence about investing in gold and other precious metals or have concerns over the long-term viability of this investment option. In addition, account administration is made easy by their agents who are specialists in the field.

There can also be some question marks over the legality of this investment option and you need someone who guides and answers through in-depth knowledge of the subject matter to put your mind at ease and let you in on all the amazing benefits of investing and diversifying with precious metals.

Thankfully, Rosland Capital boasts of some of the best sales reps in the gold financial industry who are not only courteous and patient but also quite knowledgeable and well-informed. Rosland reps are up to date with the real gold price and the actual gold cost, alongside the costs of other metals. Another plus is that Rosland does not flaunt this knowledge by over-informing you and confusing you with useless facts about metals you don’t need or gold stocks, bonds or paper assets.

An Exclusive Company

This is something very few companies in the gold IRA field offer and that is uniquely minted gold and silver coins. If you are a fan of Formula 1 racing or competitive golf then you will love their advertising partners association with F1 and PGA that has allowed them to mint gold coins of different sizes and cash value in both gold and silver with unique inscriptions from these organizations’ stars.

The ‘Sir Jackie Stewart’, an absolute legend in Formula 1, based kilo gold coin is perhaps the most unique piece of gold you can invest in, a collector’s coin. Rosland Capital consumers get “insider access” to those coins and can add them to their portfolios through the broker section of their site.

Advertising disclosure: These might not necessarily offer a lot of monetary benefits or any compensation over regular gold and silver coins but if you feel like treating yourself or give your inner child a reason to smile, or you need something truly unique to brag about to everyone, then there are few things as unique as these gold coins like their ads suggest.

Some Areas of Improvement

Nothing in this world is perfect and the same applies to Rosland Capital as well. While they are one of the front runners in Gold IRAs and other precious metals, Rosland does have some minor flaws that you should be aware of.

One common issue encountered by customers is the occasional issue they run into when there is a sudden need for funds and they want to liquidate their gold and silver coins.

When making the purchase order of these gold coins, you are assured by Rosland Capital that they will buy them back from you if you suddenly need the money.

However, more than a few customers have had their calls not returned by the company and even though they eventually do get their matter resolved, a customer should not be put through an experience like that when calling their phone number.

The good news though is that such incidents are steadily on the decline and chances of a customer, who has chosen Rosland Capital, running into a similar problem without getting a response are rare.

Another area of improvement is their website which appears a bit cluttered and outdated and could do with an overhaul. These are, however, minor issues and things that are already being taken care of.

So, there you have it. If you are looking for a Gold IRA company with a lot of knowledge, experience and the ability to strive for perfection then Rosland Capital is definitely worth consideration, you can also visit their site for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rosland Capital (FAQ)

Who owns Rosland Capital?

Rosland Capital is owned by Marin Aleksov, an expert in the field of wealth diversification through investment in Gold and other precious metals

Is Rosland Capital legit?

Rosland Capital has been active in the field of Gold IRAs since 2008 and they have a global presence. In all these years, they have helped a lot of people take advantage of gold and other precious metals both by education and directly facilitating investment in these wealth diversification options. The positive opinion of these people and accreditation by BBB (A+ rating), NGC, BCA (AAA rating), ICTA, and PCGS make Rosland Capital legit.

Is investing through Rosland Capital a good idea?

Yes, it is. Rosland Capital has a transparent approach to help people invest in gold and other precious metals. This means that customers are made equally aware of the risks and rewards involved. That along with their excellent track record makes Rosland Capital a great bet when it comes to wealth diversification.

When was Rosland Capital founded?

Rosland Capital was founded in 2008.

Where is Rosland Capital located?

Rosland Capital is headquartered in California with affiliate offices in London, Hong Kong, Munich (Germany), and Sweden.

What are some of Rosland Capital’s unique features?

• Experience
• International presence
• Great offers for new customers

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Phone: 1-888-994-2449


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Rosland Capital









  • More than a decade experience
  • Unique product line
  • Knowledgeable staff


  • More complaints than average
  • High minimum investment
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  • Denis Gold says:

    Hi team RareMetal!

    Are special collector coins valuable or they’re just a gimmick?

    • Hi Denis,

      Interesting question!

      The coins offered by Rosland are more than just a gimmick. They are IRA-eligible which means they’re made of at least 99.95% gold.

      This means that you not only the gold value you’d get with any IRA-eligible gold coin, but you also get the numismatic and collector value of those coins, may their popularity rise in the future.

      Happy investing!

  • Tina says:

    what is the minimum investment for a gold IRA with Rosland Capital?