Augusta Precious Metals Review

Saturday, June 15th 2024

Self-described as “Your premiere gold IRA company,” Augusta Precious Metals is a company that more and more people turn to. They offer a comprehensive array of services geared toward making it easy for you to diversify your portfolio with physical gold and silver to protect your savings. Augusta specializes in precious metal IRAs, more specifically gold and silver IRAs.

We have chosen Augusta as our top choice of the country’s best gold IRA company for many reasons, not the least of which is the complete lack of complaints with the BCA and BBB since they started the business in 2012 (unlike other companies); the fact that they have no-commission salespeople, which means no sales pressure; and the impressive endorsement from Joe Montana’s personal advisors (they chose the company anonymously from U.S. gold IRA companies.) But there is more – In this review you will learn all about this company that we recommend you use over others to open your gold IRA.

Unlike other gold and silver companies, Augusta doesn’t just help you purchase and set up the account. The Augusta team also helps you understanding the process, including why precious metals are becoming so popular in the current economic climate, so you can be an informed buyer.

Augusta focuses highly on consumer education, whether you buy from them or not. They have their own education department, overseen by Mr. Devlyn Steele, a nationally respected precious metals authority who is their on-staff Harvard-trained economic analyst and architect of Augusta’s one-of-a-kind educational web conference.

In the video below you will see what happened when Joe Montana signed up for this FREE Augusta Gold and Silver One-On-One Web Conference and what Mr. Devlyn Steele predicted would happen back in March 2021…

You can access the FREE One-On-One webinar here

The information they provide would be quite hard to find on your own. All of this is probably why Augusta really gets the most positive reviews and rankings of all gold IRA companies as far as we can see. It was hard to find anything that wasn’t the best you can get.

Services at Augusta Precious Metals

As an industry-leading precious metals firm, Augusta Precious Metals is well-known and highly regarded among retirement savers. Clients love their customer service team, and it’s easy to understand why. Each customer is personally assigned his or her own customer success agent who is always there to answer questions when you have them.

Augusta’s customers enjoy account lifetime support (not true of other companies) and access to specialized departments that manage each step of the streamlined metals account process. And each associate receives ongoing, comprehensive training and information to help make them amongst the best in the industry Each customer gets a personally assigned agant to work with them and all other Augusta staff to create a custom gold and/or silver portfolio to meet their needs.

Gold and Silver for IRAs

To help simplify the gold IRA account-opening process, Augusta Precious Metals pre-selects a variety of common, IRA-eligible gold and silver products at very competitive prices. Right now in June 2024 Augusta Precious Metals even has a PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE◄Call 55-661-4281 for more information!

They help you know which metals are approved for an IRA account so that you can take advantage of the tax benefits you get from such an account. The gold, silver or other metals in the account must meet the IRS requirements to be approved.

Unlike with other companies solely interested in making a sale and moving on, Augusta starts the purchasing process with education on the benefits of investing in gold and silver in an IRA. Augusta wants to make sure you fully understand how precious metals work in the economy so you make the most informed decision on behalf of your retirement portfolio.

As you open your gold IRA account, Augusta has several gold storage choices that conform to IRS rules for storage. These are known as depositories. Augusta has relationships with a variety of precious metals depositories located around the country.

Their recommended depository is the Delaware Depository, and it is a good choice for those who don’t know which to choose from, but there are quite a few others to choose from. One of the main reasons to be able to choose is to get peace of mind. Most depositories will even let you visit your gold and see the facility to help you know your investment is safe.

When you invest in products like a precious metals IRA through Augusta, you actually are opening what’s known as a self-directed IRA. That means you make the decisions about your account – and Augusta charges no hidden management fees. It is nice to know that you are the one in charge.

The vast majority of paperwork that you fill out throughout this process is with the staff at Augusta. They are trained to work with you and help with the paperwork. Not every precious metal company does this. In fact, it is kind of rare.

All in all, the process of starting your gold IRA account is meant to be simple and quick. Each step has someone to guide you through it.

How to set up a gold IRA account with Augusta Precious Metals

Step 1: Contact Augusta Precious Metals

Contact the company to be connected with an agent to work with you. This person is there to guide you through the process and ensure that you get everything you need.

Step 2: Speak with an Augusta Precious Metals agent

Be introduced to the economics team. This is the part of the company that will help to make sure you make an informed decision.

Step 3: Connect with the IRA processing team

If you decide to continue on with Augusta Precious Metals, your agent will connect you with the IRA processing team. This team will help to facilitate the purchase and setup of your IRA account.

Purchasing Physical Gold and Silver for Cash with Augusta

For those who want to just purchase physical gold or silver for cash outside of an IRA, the process is super-easy with Augusta. It is summed up by this three-step process:

  1. Open an account with Augusta Precious Metals and fund it with cash
  2. Choose from the gold and/or silver options with help from Augusta’s experienced agents on the order desk
  3. Accept your delivery of gold and silver, or have it sent wherever you want to store it

Customer Support & Information for Life

Any company that you work with needs to have a team in place that really knows what they’re doing and is easy to work with to support your purchase and answer your questions. Unlike other companies that stop services after the transaction, Augusta Precious Metals provides the same deep level of customer service for the life of your account.

Your personally assigned customer success agent is always available to either answer your questions directly or help get you the answers you’re seeking. Here is how Augusta Precious Metals departments work together to make sure your Augusta experience is easy, quick – and gives you confidence in what is happening:

Fees and Requirements

Everyone wants to know what kind of fees to expect when making an investment. They want simple transparency when it comes to both costs and process. And, understandably, they hate surprises.

We believe Augusta Precious Metals offers the most competitive, most transparent pricing in the industry. And here’s something else: Augusta has been voted the most trusted gold IRA company in the U.S. and made the TrustLink “Best Of” list for a lot of years in a row.

In order to make a purchase from Augusta you need to spend a minimum of $50,000. This goes for both gold and silver IRA and cash account (non-IRA) purchases.

As for fees, there is a $50 fee from Augusta’s preferred custodian (Equity Trust) to set up your account. There is also a $100 maintenance fee assessed by the IRA custodian every year and a yearly $100 depository storage fee.

Even with these low fees, Augusta likes to go the extra mile to make precious metals investing as accessible as possible for hardworking Americans. That’s why the company offers a special arrangement to new customers in which their fees are waived for up to 10 years (best offer in the industry).

The Cost of Precious Metals

Augusta is transparent and competitive in the actual cost of metals, too. The market price of metals is constantly changing so you have to contact Augusta to learn more about exact prices But we can tell you that bullion coins and bars are priced at about 5% over the company’s cost cost (each product is slightly different). Also, Augusta provides free transit insurance and shipping on qualified orders.

And there’s a price guarantee on all coins, as well. You don’t have to worry about another company beating Augusta Precious Metals prices, either. Augusta offers a price-match guarantee to make sure you get the best price on your metals if you even find prices that are lower.

Augusta Precious Metals on Consumer Review Sites

You can learn about Augusta Precious Metals here and at its own website. But there is an even more important resource: customer experiences. Since the company began in 2012, Augusta Precious Metals has received ZERO complaints at either the Better Business Bureau or Business Consumer Alliance.

Other companies have complaints logged, even if they are resolved. And Augusta has received thousands of 5-star reviews for its service across the internet’s most popular customer ratings sites. Augusta maintains a high level of customer service and as such is one of the most trusted companies out there. No matter which website you go to look for reviews, you will find that Augusta consistently has the highest ratings possible.

As a matter of fact, the company’s stellar public reputation is one of the things hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana said he saw that made him decide to become an actual Augusta customer – AND its corporate ambassador. It is a compliment to Augusta that his advisors chose Augusta over other gold IRA companies

Request Augusta’s FREE Gold IRA Guide

To get more information on Augusta and gold IRAs and products,, get the free IRA guide. This is the same guide that helped Joe Montana and his advisors make the decision they did for him to become a customer and the ambassador for the company.

Click the image below to request the free investment kit from American Hartford

Is Augusta Precious Metals Right For You?

Augusta Precious Metals is a great company that honestly strives to work closely with customers to help them and provide the best service in the industry.

If you like the fact that they have NO complaints, the best available education on gold and silver IRAs, and the most competitive, transparent pricing, then it might just be the company for you.

It is also a company to choose if you want a simple, streamlined process. You’ll be in good company with a multi-millionaire (Joe Montana and his advisors) who did ALL the due diligence anonymously and then chose this exact company over others.

Getting Started with Augusta Precious Metals

With everything that’s going on in the economy, credit market, and politics these days (and who knows what will happen next with economic effects of the ongoing health crisis) – it would be terrible to be a retirement investor who just waits to see what happens and then loses big chunks of your retirement. That’s why we are so happy to know this company is out there to help. And we are happy to recommend them as our number one gold IRA choice. No one can guarantee the performance of investment assets, but this gives you access to alternative assets that can help you build effective diversification.

Augusta Precious Metals genuinely has figured out what people need in general when it comes to setting up gold IRA accounts and knows how to give it to you in just the right way, with honesty and integrity. We know that’s true because of the lack of complaints and almost-all top reviews and ratings. We assume it’s in large part because of the web conference and their focus on one-on-one education to really help people come up to speed and feel confident about their investment in gold and silver.

It’s hard to argue with the Joe Montana story of choosing Augusta over others. And the clincher for us is great prices AND no-pressure sales – it means no pressure to buy if it’s just not right for you.

If you’re ready to protect your financial future with precious metals, we really don’t believe you can go wrong with Augusta Precious Metals. And it’s probably a good idea to get things started soon to help you overcome all those economic risks to your retirement. Click here to get started today.

Phone: 855-661-4281


Frequently Asked Questions about Augusta Precious Metals (FAQ)

Are there any hidden fees when dealing with Augusta Precious Metals?

All prices/costs are available to customers before they make a purchase. They are also easy to access on the Augusta website.

How long is the delivery process?

It takes approximately a week to have your order shipped once everything has been processed.

What products does Augusta Precious Metal Sell?

Augusta sells a large variety of gold and silver in both bullion and bar form. They also have premium coins to choose from. Keep in mind that for an IRA investment you will need IRA approved forms of gold and/or silver.

How long is the purchase process?

Transferring funds and the finalization of the purchase can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days.

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Augusta Precious Metals









  • ZERO complaints with BBB and BCA
  • Endorsed by Joe Montana
  • FREE one-on-one web conference
  • Lifetime access to experts and service
  • Most competitive pricing


  • No online ordering
  • $50,000 as minimum investment
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  • IRAman says:

    Hi Rare Metal Blog!

    Is Augusta one of the best Gold IRA companies?


    • Hi Josh,

      Without a doubt, Augusta Precious Metals is a serious, reputable and trustworthy gold IRA company. It clearly belongs to the best IRA companies out there, and their reviews and ratings online reflect that.

      Like always though, make sure to read reviews and comparisons before investing in order to make the right choice for your situation.

      Happy investing!

  • ArthurIRA says:

    Personally I left Lear Capital and went with Augusta, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.