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Thursday, May 30th 2024

Wealth is often subjective and a big part of maintaining its value depends on how it is invested and diversified. A good and stable way to do so is by investing in precious metals. They do not suffer huge fluctuations and they will retain their value in the foreseeable future. However, you need the right company to get the lowest price, reliability, and convenience all in a single package.

American Hartford Gold offers its customers all of these and much more. It is a fully family-owned American company and works by a set of incredible values that makes it a front-runner in the list of the best gold investment companies. Here are a few reasons why you should consider the American Hartford Gold for your precious metals investing.

Ease of use

When it comes to wealth and investment, the last thing anyone needs is to be faced with a system that is difficult to understand. It takes away peace of mind and a sense of security which is integral to wealth diversification and investment.

American Hartford Gold makes investing in gold and silver as easy as it can be in just three steps. You begin by calling them and telling them your needs and accordingly you will be given the best options for you.

The second step is going through each of the options, weighing the benefits of each option and choosing the one you find best suited for your needs.

The final step involves placing the order and receiving the precious metals delivery so you have physical control of your gold and silver. Everything is explained to customers in a manner that is devoid of jargon and things aren’t complicated unnecessarily. American Hartford Gold also allows you to take control of your IRA by adding physical gold and silver.

How to set up a Gold IRA account with American Hartford Gold

Step 1: Fill out the form

Provide some basic information by filling out their Gold IRA Account Form

Step 2: Speak with an expert

Call American Hartford Gold Group and their expert will get in touch with you and clear your queries and help you decide on your opening investment amount

Step 3: Fund the Account

Your account will be setup through American Hartford Gold and you can fund it as and when you desire.

Products and IRAs Offered

American Hartford Gold (AHG) is a gold dealer specializing in selling and purchasing precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. They provide physical precious metals directly to individual investors while also creating precious metal IRAs for them.

American Hartford is among the many precious metal companies offering a vast array of gold products. Here is an overview of what their typical gold or silver offerings include. To follow the IRS guidelines and be added into an IRA gold and other precious metals have to meet specific criteria, which American Hartford excels at.

Bullion Bars: Bullion bars are solid metal pieces ranging in purity or near purity from 1g up to several kg in weight, typically used as investments or bullion.

Gold Bars: Gold bars come in all sizes from tiny grams up to large kilo gold bars. This is the perfect format to buy gold in bulk. Gold bars are convenient to store large amounts of money safely and get the best price per ounce on gold.

Silver Bars: Silver, available in various weights such as 1 oz, 10 oz, 100 oz or even 1000 oz bars for your purchase convenience, these silver bars provide you with peace of mind for investing in silver bullion. Silver bars can be added to a gold IRA.

Platinum Bars: Although less common than gold or silver bars, platinum is still widely available and comes in different sizes, and authorized in an IRA or gold IRA.

Bullion Coins: Bullion coins are coins made of precious metal like gold or silver that are intended for investment rather than currency use.

Gold Coins: Examples include the gold American Eagle coin (made of American gold), the Canadian gold Maple Leaf coin and gold Krugerrands from South Africa among many others gold coins.

Silver Coins: Silver coins include such varieties as the American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins, among many more silver options, all approved in a gold IRA.

Platinum Coins: The American Platinum Eagle is IRA eligible.

Numismatic and Collectible Coins: Numismatic and collectible coins have value beyond just metal content due to factors like rarity, historical importance, condition or other considerations. Those proposed by Hartford Gold are IRA eligible.

Precious Metals IRAs: AHG offers services that enable investors to set up and manage Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) backed by physical precious metals. Also known as gold IRA, a precious metals IRA allows to invest in gold, silver, platinum and palladium while enjoying the tax benefits of an IRA.

Specialty Products: Specialty metal products such as hand-poured bars and special edition coins may fall within this category.

Education and Information: As a reliable precious metal dealer, AHG provide resources, guides, and educational materials that help their investors understand the gold market, the value of precious metals, and making informed decisions about investment strategies, may it be it gold, silver, or both.

Buyback Services: AHG provides buyback services for precious metals purchased either from them directly, or elsewhere.

Up to date information

Information is king and it is no different when it comes to diversification and protection of wealth with precious metals. However, trying to gather information directly from the market can be a cumbersome task and it will only lead to a lot of misdirection and confusion.

What you need is a source of concise and precise information that is up to date while also being simple and straightforward so you can come to a clear and lucid conclusion without being sent on a goose chase.

With American Hartford Gold, you get just that, a source of the latest information in a form that isn’t confusing at all and one that does not carry any superfluous junk.

Armed with this data, you can make an informed choice and make the best investment decisions that will not only give you peace of mind but will also ensure that your wealth does exactly what you want.

Making the right decision is often the biggest battle and American Hartford Gold and its team helps you do that in the most intuitive manner possible with the help of their blogs, newsletters, reports and investor library.

Excellent customer service

Even the best companies in the world can be a pain to work with if they do not have the right customer care. At American Hartford Gold, product Specialists, client service staff, and executive leadership personnel are always available to take your calls and answer your queries.

This level of unparalleled customer service means that at no point in your investment journey will you feel like you are doing things all by yourself. When it comes to wealth, you need the assurance and confidence that the company you are placing your trust in has your back and that is what you get with the American Hartford Gold.

The personal touch of speaking to actual people with real knowledge of the market is something that is rare in the industry and having such a talented pool of professionals at your beck and call is always an advantage and a great feature to have. This makes the entire process quite trustworthy and easy.

Tried and tested

Trust is something that is difficult to build and it is something that is absolutely necessary when it concerns your wealth and its investment. It also takes a lot of time and a long line of past customers who are happy and satisfied with their dealings with a company for that company to be termed as a trustworthy organization.

American Hartford Gold certainly belongs to that echelon of companies as they can boast of a bevy of customers who have put their trust in it in the past and have only been repaid with the best of experiences.

You can check their testimonials section and you will come across one excellent review after another. This lack of complaint further enforces the fact that the American Hartford Gold is a company you can entrust your investment needs without the fear of having a bad experience.

When it comes to investments, especially in precious metals, the company you choose must be trustworthy and American Hartford Gold has stood the hardest test of all – the test of time.

American Hartford Gold Group Ratings on Consumer Review Sites

Buyback guarantee

For quite some time, people were reluctant to invest in gold and silver out of fear that they would be unable to sell them when the need arose. If that is your concern then you do not need to worry as American Hartford Gold offers a buyback guarantee.

If and when you decide to convert your investment in precious metals to cash, you can always approach American Hartford Gold and be assured that they will buy your gold or silver back from you. In case of an emergency, you do not need to go through loops to get someone to buy the precious metal. This does not mean that you always have to choose them only.

You have the freedom to sell your precious metals wherever you want to. Just that with American Hartford Gold you will always have an ever-present option that can be very helpful in the event of an emergency or a time-sensitive requirement of funds.

Transparent pricing

Finally, the most important attribute a company in the field of precious metals investment can possess is transparency and that is one of the fundamental values upon which American Hartford Gold is built upon. The greatest evidence of this can be seen in their pricing model. Like any other investment, investing in precious metals should provide the maximum possible returns on your investment.

American Hartford Gold follows a dynamic pricing model that keeps changing so you can get the best deals depending on the prevailing market conditions. In fact, the price is updated on a minute by minute basis, as gold and silver prices constantly change.

This pricing is available on their website and can also be obtained through their product specialist on their customer care number. What this means to you as an investor is that you can choose the perfect time to invest based on current market trends without having to make predictions based on outdated data.

All this data is made available to you at your fingertips making American Hartford Gold one of the best companies to invest in gold and silver through an IRA.

Price match guarantee, for real??

– Yes, right now you can make a great deal by taking advantage of the American Hartford gold price match guarantee. All you need to do is call this exact phone number: 866-250-5090 before the end of May 2024 and American Hartford Gold will meet or beat any prices offered by any competitor.

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What Makes American Hartford Stand Out

American Hartford has consistently distinguished themselves among companies in the precious metals and IRA market with various attributes that set it apart:

Customer Service: AHG stands out by prioritizing outstanding customer service, and reviews and testimonials attest to this dedication. Their attentive and knowledgeable representatives guide both newcomers to gold investing and experienced investors through the buying process seamlessly. Setting up and IRA and funding it with gold or silver is made seamless.

Transparency: AHG has built their company upon providing honest answers regarding pricing, fees, and buyback policies to their clients – helping them make informed decisions without encountering unexpected costs or fees in the process of opening an IRA. Their upfront approach ensures their clients make fully informed choices without incurring hidden expenses or surprises down the line.

Education: Hartford Gold places great value in investor education. By providing various resources and guides as well as direct interactions, Hartford Gold ensures their clients fully grasp all complexities involved with precious metal investing.

Competitive Pricing: Hartford Gold often provides competitive prices when offering bullion and collectible coins to gold investors, helping ensure they receive good value for the money when buying or selling precious metals for their IRA.

IRA Expertise: Hartford Gold is well known for their expertise in the process of setting up and managing precious metal IRAs – they stand apart from competitors with this service. Opening an IRA with them is easy and convenient, and adding gold or silver to an IRA is supported.

Fast and Secure Shipping: The company prides itself on offering secure, insured, and expedient shipping methods that ensure clients can safely receive their metals on time and without incident.

Buyback Policy: Hartford Gold has implemented an impressive buyback policy, providing clients with peace of mind knowing their precious metal assets may be liquidated at any point during ownership, reducing the fear of loosing money.

Reputation and Reviews: Their strong online presence combined with positive testimonials is indicative of their customer trust; such an impressive record in the precious metal industry speaks volumes as to their credibility and reliability.

Who Does American Hartford Gold Benefit Most?

American Hartford Gold is an ideal solution for diverse investors: their wide range of services make them suitable for investors with different investment styles and goals who want to protect their hard-earned money with gold or silver in their IRA.

New Investors: American Hartford Gold is well equipped to assist those just launching into gold and precious metal investing, providing comprehensive educational materials and customer support service tailored specifically for novice purchasers. Their customer service representatives also excel in walking them through every stage of the metals purchasing process.

Retirees: Customers seeking tangible assets like gold as part of their IRA retirement portfolio will find American Hartford Gold’s expertise in precious metal IRAs invaluable. Their team can walk clients through the setup of gold or silver IRAs as an economic hedge.

Numismatic Enthusiasts: American Hartford Gold offers not only bullion coins but also collectible coins that collectors and those interested in numismatics will find unique gold pieces to add to their collections and IRA.

Experienced Investors: American Hartford Gold offers transparent pricing with efficient services that caters to experienced precious metal investors who value efficiency, competitiveness and transparency in trading operations. Their transparent prices and buyback policy enable active traders to trade precious metals successfully.

Security-Aware Buyers: Investors who prioritize protecting and shipping their assets safely will appreciate American Hartford Gold’s dedication to insured, swift shipping services.

Individuals Seeking Long-term Wealth Preservation: Given precious metals’ history of performing as an economic hedge and store of value during periods of economic instability or inflation, individuals seeking long-term wealth preservation might turn to American Hartford Gold for tangible asset needs.

American Hartford Gold is designed to appeal to a broad audience, yet its emphasis on education, transparent business practices, and expertise with precious metal IRAs make it especially suitable for beginners as well as established investors alike.

Frequently Asked Questions about American Hartford Gold (FAQ)

Who owns American Hartford Gold?

This is a family-owned business with Sanford Mann as the current CEO. As such this company holds family values in high esteem.

Is American Hartford Gold legit?

This gold and othe precious metals firm has been operating since 2015 and in the short time that has followed, it has garnered a lot of praise and high ratings from various agencies. Its family-centric nature means that its customers get a great experience every time they interact with them.

Is American Hartford Gold a good firm to invest through?

For those who believe in a firm that will have their best interests at all times this firm with its unique approach makes it quite easy and simple. The high value placed on making customer interaction as pleasant as possible makes it great for customers who want to be treated really well while being presented with every facet of investing in gold and other precious metals.

Where is American Hartford Gold located?

This firm is located in Los Angeles, California.

When was American Hartford Gold founded?

American Hartford Gold was founded in 2015.

What are some of American Hartford Gold’s unique features?

Buyback commitment
Transparent approach to all aspects of the investment journey
Price match guarantee

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American Hartford Gold









  • Price match guarantee
  • Up to $10,000 in FREE silver
  • 3 years FREE storage & insurance
  • Top ratings on BBB, BCA & TrustLink
  • FREE insured shipping


  • Only 5 years in business
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  • Tina says:

    What is the minimum investment for American Hartford Gold?

  • Tina says:

    How does their buy back policy work?

    • The buyback policy of American Hartford Gold is designed to provide a hassle-free process for clients wishing to sell their precious metals. Key features of this policy include:

      1. No Fees for Buyback: American Hartford Gold promises to buy back precious metals from their clients without charging any fees on the back end of the transaction​​​​.

      2. Encouragement to Contact First: Clients are encouraged to contact American Hartford Gold first if they wish to sell their metals. This indicates a preference for direct dealings between the company and its clients during the buyback process​​.

      3. No Guarantee of Repurchase: While the company expresses a commitment to buyback, it cannot legally guarantee that it will repurchase the metals. This is an important point for clients to consider, as it means the buyback is not absolutely assured​​.

      4. Simple Liquidation Process: The company offers a quick and simple three-step liquidation process for clients who wish to sell their precious metals. This streamlined process is designed to make it easier for clients to convert their investments back into cash​​​​.

      5. Applicability to Gold IRA: If a client has opened a Gold IRA with American Hartford Gold, they can take distributions from it when they reach the age of 59½, which is a standard provision in retirement accounts​​.

      Happy investing!