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Wednesday, July 17th 2024

noble gold reviews

There are many gold companies out there and a good amount of them were created just to get the owners a profit. Noble Gold claims to be about something different though. They were founded on one value, to provide value to the clients to better aid them in building wealth.

Investment teams at Noble Gold are not just there to sell but to help clients understand the importance of having a physical asset when the financial world becomes turbulent. Noble Gold investments options are multiple, whether you want to open a gold IRA, buy palladium or read their gold reviews, they offer it all!

Any investor will tell you that the key to creating a long term investment for retirement is to have a balanced portfolio and that is something that Noble Gold understands, and a principle that they encourage amongst their clients. But when times are turbulent you need an asset such as gold or other precious metals to keep your wealth secure. Gold IRAs can play a big role in that.

When the national debt level enters a prolonged cycle two things have historically happened. One, the value of the dollar has fallen. Often significantly. And two, the value of precious metals such as gold and silver go up. Even after the recovery when the value of the dollar starts to recover, the value of precious metals never goes too far down. Gold investments have always been perceived as the ideal solution to hedge inflation, a safe haven investment, this is why the most popular of Noble Gold investments is the gold IRA.

About the Noble Gold Team

Those behind Noble Gold investments have a long history in the industry. Advisors and staff members of the institution have been picked from key areas such as: personal wealth advisors, financial agents, estate attorneys, certified accountants, bonds and stocks brokerage specialists, and others financial advisories. Each member has two things in common, a desire to drive service for the client and a history of delivering stable wealth solutions through a gold IRA or other gold investments for retirement accounts.

All of this adds up to one simple idea. The reputation of Noble Gold is designed to rely on their customer satisfaction for their gold investments and the power of their customer service team. With straightforward gold IRA policies and Gold IRA fees and the client services team, Noble Gold has invested heavily in their customer service team, available to chat anytime. An investment that has done well for them in compensation, the way gold investments has done well for their customers.

Noble Gold: Gold & Precious Metal Products

Noble Gold goes beyond gold investments alone when it comes to offerings for investors. By understanding their needs and expanding their portfolio to include various precious metals such as platinum and palladium. Here is more of an in-depth view of their gold investments and other products:

Gold: As the metal that most investors turn to as their store of value and protection against economic uncertainty, Noble Gold provides a range of gold bullion coins and bars of various weight designed for experienced as well as newcomer investors alike.

Silver: Considered gold’s counterpart, silver can make an excellent addition to any portfolio. Noble Gold offers an extensive range of silver coins like the American Silver Eagle as well as bars and rounds at affordable prices – you don’t need to settle for just any one type of investment when choosing from their extensive range. Silver can be added into a gold IRA.

Platinum: While not as highly spoken of, platinum remains just as vital to society as both gold and silver. Used extensively in industries like automotive catalytic converter production as well as jewelry applications such as catalytic converters for catalytic converters in vehicles, Noble Gold provides an array of coins and bars made from this sought-after precious metal. Platinum can be added into a gold IRA.

Palladium: With its versatile properties, palladium finds widespread application across electronics, medicine, and hydrogen purification processes. Due to this growing industrial application of palladium investments are an attractive prospect – Noble Gold ensures investors access only to high quality palladium products for investment purposes. Palladium can be added into a gold IRA.

Noble Gold’s offerings don’t lack diversity and cover the entire list of metals than can be added to an IRA and help during market turmoil and stabilize a portfolio during market volatility.

Historical Coins & Gold Collectibles

Noble Gold stands apart from many competitors with its selection of historical coins and collectibles, providing gold investments something truly special for customers interested in more than weight alone – for those interested in their historical significance as well as weight. Noble Gold’s advisor expertise lies in curating such unique collections tailored to gold investments. As a reputable gold dealer, Noble Gold ensure those are following the IRS quality standards and can be added in a gold IRA.

Rare Coin Collection: Spanning different eras and regions, their coin collection provides a window into history. Not only are their coins composed of precious metals, but their rarity adds additional significance.

Noble Gold ensures every coin they offer has been authenticated by experts for collectors’ peace of mind that they are purchasing genuine articles. Rare coins can be added to a gold IRA, a worthy investment consideration.

Educational Insight: Noble Gold offers historical coins and collectibles a richer collecting experience by providing more insight into their background, origin, history, significance, and provenance. This will only enhance their collecting experience for any potential gold IRA investor.

Tangible History: Owning pieces of history can be an unconventional form of investment that offers both financial and emotional returns. Some might find the stories these coins carry even outweigh their material worth!

Noble Gold’s IRAs and IRA Services

An Individual Retirement Account comprised of precious metals, or gold IRA, can help ensure one has an attractive retirement strategy in the face of economic setbacks, with several distinct advantages provided by Noble Gold:

Self-directed IRA: This enables investors to select which precious metals products they would like included in their portfolio, providing all the steps to tailored investment strategies. Gold, Silver, Platinum and other metals investments like Palladium are allowed in a gold IRA savings account.

IRA specialists: They are always on hand to guide people from initial setup through any future adjustments or queries that arise about IRAs. Those gold IRA specialists can provide advice on investment options, the process to purchase gold at market rate with reputable gold dealers for your gold IRA. Physical gold, rare coins, gold coins and bars, precious metals selection, anything connected to the management of a gold IRA is covered.

Rollover Assistance: Noble Gold provides seamless rollover support to investors with existing IRAs or 401(k)s who wish to switch into precious metals IRAs without incurring unnecessary taxes or penalties. The transition to a gold IRA is smooth without additional taxes or penalties for switching accounts over.

Noble Gold’s IRA services encompass an expansive offering of precious metal products such as coins, bars, and specialty offerings for diverse investment goals.

Education Comes First: Noble Gold is committed to making each gold IRA investor aware of all aspects of his or her investment choices and provides resources, spot price and spot price charts, an asset comparison tool, guides, education center, and expert consultation services so clients fully comprehend them and their role as custodian to their gold investments.

How to set up a Gold IRA account with Noble Gold

Step 1: Provide your basic information

Follow the step by step procedure online to provide your basic information and current IRA details.

Step 2: Provide details on your expectations

Provide details on what your expectations are for the new IRA account such as the number of beneficiaries.

Step 3: Talk with a Noble Gold expert

An expert from Noble Gold will contact you shortly. They will guide you through the options available to you and help you come to a choice that suits your needs the best.

Step 4: Finish paper work for new IRA account

They will then guide you through all the paperwork required to either start a new IRA or rollover your existing account without incurring any penalties.

Custodian Fees and Gold Policies at Noble Gold

Clients always come first at Noble Gold and their policies and fees reflect that. Noble Gold is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life create investments in gold and silver to build a successful retirement fund. As a gold company, their dedication to cutting costs for the customer allows them to boost the value of client’s IRAs, their fee structure reflects this philosophy. Noble Gold also offers low account minimums, which is great to get started if your current income limits your budget, and get exposure to the precious metals market.

Noble Gold makes good on their commitment to help customers clearly in the first year with management fees. All custodian related fees for the first year are covered by Noble Gold, that also includes the set-up costs for your gold or other precious metal investment, no account fee, no service fee, no setup fee, no custodian maintenance fee. They go further than this by providing some of the fastest shipping services in the industry. Your gold will be secured within a certified depository within five business days, although this incurs processing fees and a storage fee.

Everything that happens at Noble Gold is well documented. That means there is an inventory (like in regular stores) and further documentation of all long-term gold IRAs. All of this, and lifetime service, is included when you start a gold IRA with Noble Gold. Service equivalent to this level is rare in any industry, even more rare in the gold IRA world. Throughout the process, you get a team member from Noble Gold to help you through the process, one-on-one. Customer service that is above and beyond what other companies in the gold IRA industry provide, no sleazy sales tactics with Noble Gold.

Noble Gold Ratings on Consumer Review Sites

Gold Buyback Program

Noble Gold provides top tier buyback of your precious metals when it comes time to sell. The prices that they are willing to offer are without a doubt some of the best out there. Great prices means that you don’t have to worry about what you will get for your gold and silver when it comes time to liquidate your picks.  At the time of buyback, your funds will be in your bank account within 24 hours. This policy for your metals investment provides an extremely valuable peace of mind and makes the decision process a breeze.

Gold Storage and Gold Storage Safety

When it comes to storing your precious metals, Noble Gold is correct in recommending only segregated storage, any due diligence would confirm that. That means that your gold or other precious metals aren’t intermingled with other retirement investors. Your metals investment has a private third party vault held by a precious metals IRA approved custodian, ensuring your storage needs. Noble Gold partners with vault companies which are the Delaware Depository and the Texas depository as stated in their storage disclosure.

Precious metals can be stored in a retirement account similar to that most workplaces offer. These accounts must be legally managed by a third-party custodian for a storage facility fee. It creates a mix of physical security and modern retirement investment. All Noble Gold accounts are managed with retirement plan custodians and the transfer is completed so that your funds end up in a precious metal depository. The transfer process of customer accounts is insured by Lloyds of London, which is great but not often pushed in their marketing efforts.

Noble Accreditations & Noble Reviews

Better Business Bureau: Noble Gold has attained accreditation with this reputable body, which assesses businesses for transparency, honesty, responsiveness, and resolution of customer disputes. Their rating with the BBB and history of resolved cases are evidence of its commitment to exceptional customer service.

Business Consumer Alliance: Noble Gold has distinguished itself on another reputable platform – BCA’s rigorous standards have given Noble Gold another avenue to demonstrate its worth as an industry player, including successfully addressing client concerns and receiving high overall ratings here. This endorsement only strengthens Noble Gold’s position among IRA companies and their commitment to price transparency.

TrustLink: TrustLink provides consumer reviews and consumer ratings about businesses, offering potential buyers and investors access to real customer experiences with confidence and feedback about Noble Gold and their precious metals IRA.

Expert Feedback: Independent reviews for Noble Gold for their gold IRA have been extremely positive, with numerous financial analysts and precious metals experts hailing its diverse offerings, transparent operations, and educational approach that benefits clients without aggressive sales and markups tactics being highly appreciated by many.

Customer Experiences: Many Noble Gold clients have noted their easy site navigation and site usage, the account setup ease (particularly IRAs), their knowledgeable account reps and customer service team’s help in making transactions and their emphasis on providing customer education and customer support – particularly among newcomers to precious metal investing – as recurring themes in reviews of Noble Gold services. Transaction processes are made simple.

Constructive Feedback: Though most Noble Gold reviews tend towards positive, clients may point out areas they feel the company could improve upon, including long delivery times, or more competitive pricing of the admin fee; but these criticisms tend to be balanced with compliments regarding other services provided by this business, their gold IRA in particular, and clear company disclosures of pricing details.

Digital Presence: With the rise of online platforms like Yelp and Google reviews as a source for investment research and advice, reviews on websites like these become ever more crucial to evaluate Noble Gold’s commitment to transparency, education, and client services – qualities which many reviews reflect.

Examining Noble Gold’s accreditations and reviews reveals its dedication to building trust within the precious metals sector. While no company can completely avoid criticism, Noble Gold stands out amongst competitors with positive responses and recognized accreditations as a strong contender when considering a gold IRA or investments in precious metals.

Sustainable Gold Practices and Ethical Sourcing of Gold

Noble Gold stands up against increasing scrutiny by guaranteeing their precious metals are ethically sourced.

Ethical Mining Practices: They adhere to stringent environmental and ethical regulations to guarantee an ethical journey from mines to investors. Their goal is to achieve transparency while remaining responsible.

Small-Scale Miners: Noble Gold recognizes the essential role they play in mining and its economy, so to support them they offer fair prices for their produce – this not only boosts local economies but also supports sustainable mining practices of all precious metals, this includes palladium.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials: Noble Gold goes beyond metals by considering all aspects and factors of sustainability when choosing their packaging materials, to reduce carbon emissions.

Ongoing Commitment: They regularly assess their precious metals sources to make sure their partners uphold the highest standards for environmental responsibility and ethical behavior.

Noble Stands Out as an IRA Company

Noble Gold stands out in an increasingly complex landscape of precious metal dealers and investment firms for several noteworthy reasons, making its selection an easy process. Noble Gold stands out for being truly trustworthy, value-for-money and distinctive among competitors – amongst all these choices, Noble Gold shines like a beacon due to several noteworthy advantages it embodies.

Education: Noble Gold’s educational approach stands out as one of their key strengths, placing high importance on client education and making decisions based on informed choices. They provide people free educational resources, account information, guides, gold prices, and personal consultations designed to inform potential gold IRA investors on all facets of precious metal investing.

Personalized Customer Service: Noble Gold stands firm on its belief that genuine human interaction has an irreplaceable value that automation simply cannot replace. Their gold IRA clients frequently praise Noble Gold’s personalized touch in that investors never feel like just another number in a device database – instead becoming valued partners on an investment journey together.

Variety of Precious Metal Investments: Offering everything from gold and silver through platinum and palladium IRAs – providing investors with access to virtually every major precious metal for creating more diversified portfolios within IRAs. They notably offer a large gold coins selection, all gold IRA approved, allowing you to diversify your gold investments.

Security and Trustworthiness: Noble Gold has built its business upon trustworthiness and comfort. Their transparent transactions reports ensure all purchases of metals purchased are safely stored; further, Noble Gold’s affiliation with multiple secure storage entities around the country proves their dedication to safeguarding clients’ investments.

Competitive Pricing: Noble Gold offers premier services without charging exorbitant fees for their Gold IRA; their pricing structure is clear and competitive to provide clients with value both from metals products they purchase as well as services they receive within their gold IRA.

Ethical Business Practices: Noble Gold’s commitment to ethical business practices can be seen throughout its dealings. Their champion of honesty, clarity, and respect make sure clients remain fully informed at all times, leaving no mystery in sight!

Efficient Process: Noble Gold provides investors looking to make quick decisions with ease by providing an efficient process that moves clients quickly from initial consultation through physical possession or safe storage of precious metals.

Noble Gold stands out in an otherwise saturated precious metals market by providing education coupled with genuine customer service, diverse options, and ethical business practices – qualities which set them apart as top choices among gold IRA investors looking to enter this field of investments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Noble Gold (FAQ)

Who owns Noble Gold?

Noble Gold is owned by Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume

Is Noble Gold legit?

Noble Gold main leadership has over twenty years of experience. They have also been helping their clients open gold IRAs quickly and with ease thanks to their door-to-door policy. Being highly rated on multiple review platforms further drives home the legitimacy of this business

Is Noble Gold a good firm to invest through?

This firm is a great option for people looking for a quick and easy way to invest in gold and other precious metals. It can also interest coin collectors.

Where is Noble Gold located?

Noble Gold operates out of Pasadena California

What are some of Noble Gold’s unique features?

Private gold depository
Historical coins available
Quick IRA starting procedure

Other Great Gold IRA Deals available for July 2024

Phone: 1-877-969-2146


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Noble Gold









  • Dedicated custodial account manager
  • Fast delivery
  • Friendly staff


  • Only a few years in business
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