Some Basic Information

If you’re going to invest in gold, you’re going to need resources, and not just financial ones. You’re going to need the best information possible, and you need to know where to go to get it.

That’s what this post is about. Consider it a gold information resource primer, designed to touch the bases on how to get what you need and what the best sources of information are.

We’ll start at the top. For anyone interested in precious metal investing, is considered the ultimate source of info.

The site has market news, pricing, information on gold IRAs, and information on the companies that sell them. That’s your starting point, and what you learn will help point you in the right direction.

The IRA Option

One of the best ways to get into gold investing is with an IRA. It’s one of the safest investment vehicles there is, especially when it comes to beefing up your portfolio for retirement.

To get the best information about Gold IRAs, use this link to get a comparison and some reviews about the companies that are offering these IRAs:

One of the most unique gold IRAs is a format where you actually get to own and store the physical gold. It’s a more complicated process than just buying a conventional gold IRA, so use this link to find out everything you need to know:

Just the Facts

Now that you know a little about one of the best investment vehicles, let’s dig into a little more background about gold itself. It has a fascinating history as an investment vehicle, and some of the facts and odds and ends associated with that will definitely help you as you go about carving your investment path.

Here’s the ultimate link to help you:

One interesting fact that’s not in the above list pertains to karats and carats. Many people don’t know what the different spelling actually means, so here’s an explanation to fill you in:

No discussion about facts would be complete without some information about gold coins. They’re an integral part of the history of gold, and they’re still a viable investment vehicle in today’s market. This list of the top ten gold coins to buy will help you sort things out a little more, and learn what the tradeoffs are:

Companies Worth Their Weight in Gold

Obviously there are a lot of great companies that offer opportunities in gold investing, but you want the cream of the crop. What follows is a list of the best of the best, with a sentence or two about what makes each one different, along with a direct link.

Noble Gold

Noble emphasizes value and the importance of having a physical asset, with a focus on IRAs.

Patriot Gold Group

This group mainly deals with IRA-eligible precious metals, with an eye on helping investors diversify their retirement portfolios.


The primary emphasis at Goldco is providing IRA services, with an eye on adding precious metal assets to different kinds of IRA accounts.

American Hartford Gold

AHG believes in using precious metals as a foundation for building wealth by helping its clients become diversified.

Advantage Gold

Like many of the other companies listed here, Advantage Gold deals mostly in IRAs, but they also strongly believe in helping clients master the learning curve that comes with investing in gold.

Rosland Capital

Rosland has an international presence with offices in London, Hong Kong, Germany and Sweden, and they’ve also developed relationships with some prominent contemporary organization that has allowed them to mind gold coins in their names.

Regal Assets

Unlike many of the companies listed here, Regal offers both precious metals and cryptocurrency, so if you’re interested in the latter while using the former for stability, this is the company for you.

Oxford Gold Group

Oxford bills itself as younger, smaller and more ambitious than other gold companies, so if you want to invest on the cutting edge, they’re definitely worth exploring.

Birch Gold Group

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Birch positions itself as an option for serious investors by providing reliable precious metal services.

Lear Capital

Meanwhile, back in the middle of the investment curve, Lear offers services for both novice and experienced investors.

Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta specializes in physical gold and silver, and it’s a family-owned company that also offers storage and shipment services.

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