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Saturday, July 20th 2024

Choosing a company that has been around for a long time and has a large customer base would be the safe option but also involves possibly higher fees. Also, being a part of a large customer base can make it difficult to get the very best in terms of customer service, loosing the opportunity to get customized service. Going for a relatively smaller and younger company can be a great alternative in such cases and Oxford Gold Group is one such company specializing in gold and silver-backed retirement accounts, with a dedicated IRA department. To help you and for research purposes, here is a closer look at this firm to see if they and their team and designations are a worthy option.

 Oxford Gold Group at a Glance

Founded in 2017 in Beverly Hills, California, the Oxford Gold Group quickly rose through the ranks to establish itself as a trusted name in gold and silver IRAs. Established as a beacon of trust in the precious metals industry, Oxford Gold has its roots firmly planted in Los Angeles, California. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for its dedication to helping individuals secure their financial future through solid investment strategies.

Services, Products and IRAs

Understanding what products companies provide becomes crucial when delving into precious metals investment and looking for a reliable custodian with various IRA investments options. Different investors may have differing needs; while some might seek traditional gold or silver bars, others could prefer rare coins or collectables as their preferred means to wealth accumulation to add into their precious metal IRA with a reliable IRA custodian.

Diverse Gold and Silver Offerings

Oxford Gold Group boasts an impressive variety of precious metals to meet their clientele’s varied needs and the IRS quality standards:

Gold Bullion Bars and Coins: Oxford Gold as a dealer offers the sale of various sizes of bars and gold coins for direct ownership of physical precious metals, from 1-gram bars up to larger bars; American Eagle coins to Canadian Maple Leaf coins – making the process of owning IRA gold easier than ever before!

Silver Bullion Bars and Coins: As with gold, the group offers various forms of silver bars and coins on offer from dealers, making this more cost-effective option accessible for new IRA accounts investors.

Platinum and Palladium: Although less widely held than gold and silver, platinum and palladium offer valuable investment options with varied investment dynamics. Oxford Gold ensures customers interested in other precious metals have options fitting their buying needs.

Specialty Products: If you are seeking something truly distinctive, the group provides insider access to an assortment of specialty items like collector’s coins, proof coins and rare coins – a perfect coin shop for anyone interested in these categories of collector items.

Importance of Diverse Offerings

Diversifying assets within precious metal IRAs can bring many advantages and asset gains:

Adapting to Market Shifts: Different metals react differently when markets fluctuate; by diversifying one’s portfolio with various metals, one can reduce any risks that might occur from changing conditions like the current recession. This allow to adapt and be prepared for different futures.

Catering to Individual Preferences: As some investors might purchases like coins that exhibit their historical or numismatic value over bullion bars alone, offering various kinds of coins will ensure each investor can find exactly what they’re searching for.

Futureproofing: With market conditions constantly shifting, real estate market crashing, having multiple precious metal assets acts as a compensation and ensures your company stays relevant while quickly adapting to any emerging trends.

Oxford Gold’s offerings reflect their dedication to customer service excellence, offering something suitable for each investor no matter their experience level.

Secure Gold Storage Solutions

Oxford Gold Group understands the paramount importance for IRA custodians to focus on safekeeping their precious metals investments with safe storage solutions and has provided their customers with complete peace of mind through robust storage services.

As a result, Oxford Gold partners with some of the nation’s premier depository facilities for metals storage, equipped with state-of-the-art security systems to guarantee physical protection of metals stored therein.

Oxford is proud to provide segregated storage solutions, unlike some custodians or providers that combine investments together and store each one separately – the group ensures the authenticity and integrity of customers’ holdings. Don’t forget that storage fees apply.

Holdings Insurance: Metals stored with their depositories are fully covered with insurance to provide added peace of mind in case any unforeseen events arise, keeping their investment safe, like in a bank.

Ease of Access and Transparency

Account Management: Customers have access to an intuitive online platform which makes managing and monitoring stored metals easy, providing real-time updates and a comprehensive breakdown regarding investments in precious metals.

Oxford Gold clients don’t need to worry about hidden charges with its transparent fee structure for secure storage services. All fees are presented upfront so customers understand exactly the costs involved with oxford gold group’s secure storage solutions and their business partners.

Personalized Service: Oxford’s team of storage consultants offer tailored-made solutions tailored to individual customers concerns or needs, offering personalized consultation with a group account manager.

Importance of Secure Storage Solutions

Investment Protection: Secure storage offers protection to investments through physical protection measures implemented at Oxford; investors can rest easy knowing their precious metals will remain safe from damage or loss during storage.

Peace of Mind: Knowing your precious investments are safe and easily accessed or liquidated can bring comfort, freeing you to focus on other aspects of financial planning.

Enhanced Value: Proper storage practices help preserve metals’ value, especially specialty or collectable products or items of significance. This is particularly important in their case.

Oxford Gold understands the essential process of secure storage as part of any precious metals IRA investment journey, with solutions featuring top-tier security measures and customer-driven services, embodying the dedication of the group to offer a complete investment experience.

Fees and Prices

One of the unique selling points of Oxford Gold Group is its pricing model. While most Gold and Silver IRA companies charge an annual fee plus a per-transaction commission, Oxford Gold charges only an annual fee of $175 for accounts under $100,000 and $225 for accounts over $100,000.

For people who want to carry out many transactions in a year, fees can add up depending on the cash contribution. Not to mention, investing in gold and silver especially if you are looking to transferring funds to roll over a traditional IRA into a gold or silver IRA can be a very complicated process on its own.

Factoring in an additional fee structure will only make the entire process even more cumbersome. With this fixed-fee approach, you can rest assured that there won’t be any additional or unforeseen fees irrespective of how much or how often you buy and sell precious metals for your retirement funds.

The downside with this pricing model is that if you are only looking to do some light investing or try out precious metals as an investment option then it can be a bit on the expensive side. If you want a hassle-free experience where you are aware of the exact costs you will incur from the very outset then Oxford Gold offers an attractive proposition compared to its competitors.

Customer Service and Information

A big advantage of going with a smaller firm rather than big IRA companies is that you will get plenty of attention and a more personalized service experience, like an investment partner. This is a great feature for someone who is new to precious metals and doesn’t want to get too involved in all the red tape or process too much information.

Oxford Gold Group was founded in 2017 which means that they haven’t been around for long and like any new company, they will go the extra mile and work around the clock to ensure that their customers are happy and will stay with them. Most reviews they have received on various independent platforms confirm that Oxford Gold is great when it comes to their overall customer experience.

The group offers Americans consumers one of the simplest yet staple approaches to investing in precious metals. They follow a pretty relaxed methodology. It begins with hearing the customer out to understand their needs before offering an investment opportunity. Then they carefully explain all the options available to them followed by clear steps on how they can buy and sell gold, silver, palladium and platinum in the form of coins and bars.

The group follows a similar methodology for those looking to either start a gold IRA or roll over an existing traditional IRA into one based on precious metals. All the finer details associated with choosing the right form of the precious metals, taking care of all the paperwork, buying the precious metals, having them shipped, and safely stored in a depository will be taken care of by the Oxford Gold Group and documented in their buyers guides at their own discretion.

Oxford Gold Group Ratings on Consumer Review Sites

One of the marks of a good company is the way their customers speak about their experiences with the company. While Oxford Gold hasn’t been around for very long, the group has amassed mostly positive reviews on a number of independents platforms, raving inbox reviews from clients and clients partners alike.

The rare negative review out there concerns one particular aspect which has been addressed shortly but it isn’t anything that can be seen as a major impediment like group complaints and is at most a minor inconvenience.

While half a decade in this business isn’t a long time, it is long enough for any firm to show its true colors and earn recognition. In that time, Oxford Gold has shown that they can take good care of their customers and become the stepping stones to futureproofing their retirement living.

Being a young company also means that they aren’t set in their ways and they are very keen to take care of any shortcomings to grow their customer base with integrity. The folks at Oxford Gold have a great track record and there are no doubts that they won’t keep up their good work in the future as well.

Free Precious Metals Information Guides

While you might think that purchasing gold and other precious metals might be the biggest step in this endeavor, it is actually the planning and decision-making that precedes the actual purchase that are more important. Like any investment, the key to maximizing profits within gold IRAs is choosing the right timing and products. Having access to all information, advice, and resources will help you make all the right calls.

It is very much possible to sit down and learn all the nitty-gritty details associated with precious metals on your own. You can then analyze all the ups and downs of the market and trends in the prices of gold and other precious metals but you will soon find yourself bogged down by too much information.

Oxford Gold, like any good precious metals firm, does all this hard work for you. The group provides a free information guide which is very informative and contains everything you need to know to take a firm and assured step into the world of precious metals.

They break down the entire process into three easy steps that make the otherwise complicated world of precious metals accessible for investors with different types of requirements.

They offer even more comprehensive guides and resources for their paid customers. The group also provides live updates on gold’s spot price, and highly informative articles on their website, all of which are very helpful tips from an investor’s point of view.

Educational Tools and Resources

Webinars and Workshops: The Oxford Gold Group website regularly hosts online webinars and workshops that offer attendees insight into precious metal investing dynamics. Led by industry professionals who excel at their jobs, these sessions address market trends, analysis, economic factors affecting gold prices and strategies for investing in precious metals.

Informative Blog: The company maintains an informative blog which features articles covering an array of subjects. From precious metal IRAs basics to exploring certain coins’ historical significance, their blog serves as an invaluable source of knowledge about money & financial services.

Glossaries and Guides: Newcomers to precious metals may find the jargon intimidating; Oxford Gold provides comprehensive metals dealer glossaries and beginner’s guides that demystify complex jargon and concepts.

Empower Investors: Oxford Gold recognizes the power of education for investors as it allows them to make better-informed financial decisions that meet their long-term financial goals. By equipping customers with all necessary tools and information about the precious metals market, clients have all they need at hand to take control of their investment strategy, stay aligned with their financial goals and reap the fruits of their labor.

Building Trust: Openness and education foster trusting relationships and good judgement. When firms go above and beyond to educate costumers about their investments strategies, this strengthens and deepens relationships that promote strong bonds of fidelity between clients and services providers. Oxford Gold Group reviews are proof that this gold group is trustworthy.

Stay Up-to-Date: As precious metal investments evolve rapidly, Oxford Gold ensures its customers remain up-to-date on current market conditions by providing educational updates at regular intervals, curated by the group financial experts. They do this to stay informed of precious metal prices changes as they occur on the charts and keep an eye on regulations.

Oxford Gold stands out with its comprehensive approach to customer service by emphasizing customer education as part of its services. They aim not just to facilitate transactions or your IRA transfer; rather they strive to equip their customers with knowledge to navigate precious metal investments with confidence and clarity.

How to set up a Gold IRA account with Oxford Gold

Step 1: Open an account

Opening your account with Oxford Gold . This includes setting up the IRA account. Oxford Gold will walk you through the process and work with you to get it set up properly. One of the reasons that people choose Oxford Gold is that they have the staff to help with the whole process..

Step 2: Transfer funds

Funds will be transferred into the new account once it is set up. If you are rolling over another retirement account into the new one, Oxford Gold will work with your old company to rollover the amount you want. The process is much simpler when you have a company managing the communication and transfer for you.

Step 3: Select your precious metals

Now that you have your account set up, it is time to make a decision on what precious metal you want to invest in. There are several options: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Choosing a metal has a lot of considerations because each one brings with it its own benefits.

Step 4: Ship your precious metals

With a precious metals IRA you don’t store the metal at home, you store it with a professional storage company. The final step to setting up your precious metals IRA with Oxford Gold is to have them ship the precious metals to your custodian. This allows your precious metal to be insured and stored safely..

Qualified and Proven Staff

A company can have the greatest motto and ideals but it can all be for naught if the people who make up that organization do not live up to it. Oxford promises to respect all their customers’ individual needs and provide all them with the tools necessary to make sound financial decisions that will benefit their life and families for generations.

Going by what their customers have been saying, they have been living up to these promises from the very beginning. That is usually a precious indicator of the qualities of a firm as a whole.

Everyone at Oxford Gold is motivated to give every single one of their customers a great experience. There are no annoying sales pitches to endure or forcing purchase decisions. The customer’s needs are always the focus which can be in short supply at other companies.

Is Oxford Gold a Good Choice?

No firm is perfect and neither is Oxford Gold. However, as mentioned before as an advertising disclosure, the flaws that this gold IRA firm possesses aren’t earth-shattering and rare occurrences.

One common issue that sometimes pops up is with the delivery times of the gold and silver customers buy from them. As alluded to earlier, this is at best a minor inconvenience and does not really tarnish this company in any major way.

Just keep in mind that you might have to be a bit more patient for the delivery of any precious metals you purchase through them every once in a while. It is also worth pointing out that this only happens rarely and something they have been constantly working to improve upon.

So, the answer to the question concerning Oxford Gold Group’s trustworthiness and capability as a custodian is positively affirmative. Their excellent customer service (phone number provided), reviews, great and easy approach to investing in precious metals, great track record, and useful resources make up for the minor flaw they have.

If you are someone who is just starting out or doesn’t want to over-complicate things while also getting great service as a customer then Oxford Gold is a partner you can consider.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Oxford Gold (FAQ)

Who owns Oxford Gold Group?

Patrick Granfar is the President of Oxford Gold Group, he is also one of the two founders.

Is Oxford Gold a real company?

Oxford Gold has been around for years and is known to be a legitimate business. You will find it at plenty of main sites such as the Better Business Bureau.

Does Oxford Gold Group have a good reputation?

Oxford Gold Group’s reputation is quite good around the internet. It has a 5/5 on the Better Business Bureau and the rank is an A+.

Where is the Oxford Gold Group Office?

Oxford Gold’s main office is at 9100 Wilshire Blvd, STE 800 E, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

How long has Oxford Gold Group Been Around?

Oxford Gold Group has been in business for 4 years, having been started in 2017.

What Makes Oxford Gold Group Unique?

Oxford Gold Groups relatively young age with the level of service they provide is amazing. Not many companies are able to provide such high quality services right off the bat.

How much does Oxford Gold Group cost?

It depends on what you want to do with them. They have products for sale, such as gold coins, that will change in price depending on the market.

Where does Oxford Gold Group store my precious metals?

Oxford Gold Group stores your precious metals in either Brink’s Global Services in Salt Lake City, Utah, or the Delaware Depository in Wilmington, Delaware.

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Oxford Gold Group









  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Flat fees
  • Great customer reviews
  • Good at educating clients


  • Relatively new in business
  • Complaints about late delivery
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  • Ricky says:

    Hi there,

    What kind of Palladium products does Oxford gold group offer?

    • Hi Ricky,

      Oxford Gold Group offers a variety of palladium products, including coins and bars, for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio.

      Make sure to conduct extensive research before investing in Palladium.

      Happy investing!

  • Tina says:

    Hi, what is the minimum investment for a gold IRA with Oxford Gold Group?

    • Hi Tina,

      According to the Oxford Gold Group’s website, IRA custodians have set different minimum investment requirements, and it’s possible to open an account with as little as $100, although some IRA custodians might require investment amounts ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.

      Happy investing!