American Hartford Gold vs Augusta Precious Metals

Wednesday, June 12th 2024

The investment landscape is constantly shifting, and precious metals have long been seen as an appealing option to protect themselves against inflation while diversifying their portfolios. American Hartford Gold and Augusta Precious Metals are two reputable providers who offer such options; we will conduct an in-depth comparison between American Hartford Gold and Augusta Precious Metals to assist investors make an informed decision that meets your investment requirements.

Company Overview

American Hartford Gold: The company was established in 2015 in Los Angeles. Specializing exclusively in gold, silver and platinum investments with unrivaled customer service and competitive prices for investors of any experience level – American Hartford Gold offers top-tier customer support along with comprehensive products and services to suit every need of both novice investors and veterans alike.

Augusta Precious Metals: The company of Beverly Hills has been providing investors with gold and silver investment options since 2012. Focused on education and personalized customer service, Augusta Precious Metals strives to arm investors with all the knowledge needed for informed decisions.

Product Offerings

American Hartford Gold:

Augusta Precious Metals:

Customer Services

American Hartford Gold: AHG is well known for their impeccable customer service, offering personalized support throughout the investment process from account executives who serve as personal liaisons to its clients and a 100% satisfaction guarantee that ensures clients can feel secure about their choices.

Augusta Precious Metals: The company puts customer education and personalized service first. Every client receives their own customer success agent who guides them from account setup through ongoing portfolio management, while Augusta provides extensive educational materials about precious metal markets and investing.


American Hartford Gold: The company has built up an excellent standing within its industry, earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and garnering multiple positive customer reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot and Google. Their commitment to transparency, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction make them a sought-after option among investors.

Augusta Precious Metals: The company boasts an excellent standing within its industry, boasting an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and numerous positive customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and Google. Augusta Precious Metals stands out by prioritizing customer education, personalized service and competitive prices that result in longstanding clientele relationships and exceptional levels of satisfaction among their customer base.

Storage Options

American Hartford Gold: They offer several storage solutions for precious metal investments, from segregated to non-segregated options. Partnered with safe, insured third-party depositories that ensure safekeeping for client assets, these storage options ensure you peace of mind about protecting client investments.

Augusta Precious Metals: They offer several storage solutions, from segregated and non-segregated facilities, as well as working with trusted, insured third-party depositories that safeguard clients’ investments safely.

Fees and Prices

American Hartford Gold: The company is well-renowned for offering competitive pricing on precious metal products, offering lower premiums than many of their rival dealers in the market. Furthermore, this company provides clients with a price match guarantee so that they receive optimal pricing when investing. Furthermore, their fees associated with gold and silver IRA accounts (setup fees, storage and administrative) remain transparent and competitive within their industry.

Augusta Precious Metals: They offer competitive gold and silver pricing with exceptional value to clients, while offering transparent fees for gold and silver IRAs, such as setup costs and administrative charges. Though Augusta Precious Metals may not offer the lowest fees in the industry, their commitment to personalized customer education often justifies this cost for investors.


American Hartford Gold: AHG provides clients with educational materials on precious metals investing, such as articles, videos and webinars on topics relevant to precious metals investing. These resources assist investors with staying informed when building their portfolios and make sound financial decisions when selecting metals investments for investment purposes.

Augusta Precious Metals: The company places great importance on education for investors by providing its clients with numerous resources such as videos, articles webinars, and personal consultations to help them make informed decisions. Augusta is distinct from its competitors by giving its clients the information and tools needed to make intelligent decisions about investing.

Final Thoughts

Both American Hartford Gold and Augusta Precious Metals are respected companies offering an expansive selection of investment opportunities at highly competitive rates, outstanding customer service and impeccable industry credibility. While American Hartford Gold may provide better prices for precious metal products, Augusta Precious Metals’ focus on customer education and personalized services could make for a better overall investing experience for customers looking for guidance during their investment journey.

American Hartford Gold or Augusta Precious Metals will ultimately depend on each investor’s specific needs, preferences, and investment goals. By carefully considering all of the elements discussed herein, an informed choice can be made, and you can choose an organization which best complements your investing approach and objectives.

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