American Hartford Gold vs Rosland Capital

Thursday, July 18th 2024

American Hartford Gold (AHG) and Rosland Capital have emerged as top contenders in precious metals investing: both offer various forms of gold, silver, platinum and palladium investments such as coins, bars and rounds to diversify portfolios. It’s vital for investors interested in diversifying their investments to become familiar with similarities and distinctions between both companies so as to make informed decisions when choosing between the two offerings.

American Hartford Gold and Rosland Capital offer their investors various products and services; therefore, this comparison will focus on their backgrounds, reputations, product offerings, buying/selling processes, fees and customer services in order to help investors determine which option best meets their individual needs.

Background and Reputation

American Hartford Gold (AHG): Founded in 2015 and located in Los Angeles, it has quickly established itself as an industry player through customer service, transparency, and cost competitive pricing.

AHG has received glowing customer feedback and recognition from independent review organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB, 1), Trustpilot, and Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). AHG earned an A+ rating with each one; Trustpilot awarded them with four star review; BCA has awarded us with AAA status which showcases AHG’s dedication to customer satisfaction while upholding ethical business practices.

Rosland Capital: was established in Santa Monica, California, and established itself within the precious metals industry since 2008 as one of its flagship dealers. Through their diverse product offering and commitment to education about precious metal investing benefits, Rosland Capital has built up an impeccable reputation within their sector.

Rosland Capital generally enjoys a strong positive reputation among both customers and independent review organizations; however, some customers and organizations have given mixed feedback. Rosland Capital holds an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB) and an impressive 3.9 star Trustpilot review while only receiving a B rating from Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). Though many customers praise Rosland Capital’s professionalism and product quality; others have reported discontentment with customer service or sales tactics employed.

Product Offerings

Both American Hartford Gold and Rosland Capital provide an expansive selection of precious metal investments, from gold coins, bars and rounds to palladium coins and bars.

American Hartford Gold: AHG provides investors with an expansive selection of gold and silver products such as coins, bars and rounds – such as bullion coins from America Gold Eagle (2) to Canada Maple Leaf to South African Krugerrand to Austrian Gold Philharmonic – for investment use. In addition, AHG provides investment grade silver products like the American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf which may appeal to them.

Apart from bullion products, AHG also provides an assortment of premium, certified, and historical coins which may be considered valuable due to their rarity, historical importance, or unique design.

Rosland Capital: It provides more diversified offerings than American Gold Eagle (AHG), featuring not only gold and silver products but also platinum and palladium options. They specialize in popular gold coins like American Gold Eagle (AGE), Canadian Maple Leaf (MLL) and South African Krugerrand as well as bars from various mints – among them are AHG’s popular models – the American Eagle, Maple Leaf (MLL) and Krugerrand respectively as well as rounds from multiple mints.

Rosland Capital provides an expansive selection of silver, platinum, and palladium products from trusted mints around the world, such as coins, bars and rounds. Furthermore, the company provides exclusive limited-edition gold and silver coins featuring designs inspired by sports history culture; these collectible coins may appeal to investors interested in unique, rare or themed precious metal items.

Rosland Capital also offers an assortment of numismatic coins. Numismatic coins are prized by collectors and investors for their rarity, historical relevance or unique design; such items often make popular investments. Rosland Capital currently provides pre-1933 U.S. gold coins and graded coins from different mints or periods as part of their selection of numismatic offerings.

Purchase and Sales Process

American Hartford Gold: AHG strives to make purchasing easier for its customers. Investors can access products via its website or over the phone from an AHG representative and receive free shipping, typically taking only 5-7 business days for delivery. Furthermore, AHG also offers an affordable buyback program so investors have an exit strategy should they decide to liquidate their holdings at competitive rates.

Rosland Capital: It provides customers with similar purchasing and ordering capabilities as AHG; customers may access products directly online or contact an account representative over the phone to place orders with shipping fees and delivery time frames varying based on product and availability. Rosland Capital also provides an optional buyback program whereby investors may return precious metals back into its possession but please be mindful that your buyback price could differ significantly from your original purchase price; investors are advised to discuss terms of reselling with an account representative prior to selling back their precious metals back.

Fees and Storage

Both American Hartford Gold and Rosland Capital provide storage solutions for customers who prefer not to store their precious metal investments themselves. As fees and options can differ between companies, investors should carefully evaluate both companies before making their selection.

American Hartford Gold: AHG partners with Delaware Depository, an ultra secure, insured and private storage facility, to offer storage solutions to its customers. Storage fees depend on both value and type of assets being stored; AHG offers both segregated and non-segregated options; with segregated being intended to separate customer assets from others’, while non-segregated involves co-mingling holdings from multiple clients into one container.

Rosland Capital: It provides storage solutions through partnerships with various storage facilities, including Delaware Depository and International Depository Services Group. Storage fees and options depend upon which facility customers select; customers can select segregated or non-segregated storage options depending on their preferences and budgets. In addition, Rosland Capital allows its clients to store precious metals internationally – Canada, Singapore or Switzerland can all provide convenient options.

Customer Service

A company’s dedication to excellent customer service can have a dramatic effect on an investor’s experience and satisfaction, and both American Hartford Gold and Rosland Capital emphasize this aspect, although there may be differences in terms of feedback from clients.

American Hartford Gold: It has developed an outstanding customer service reputation, evidenced by its positive ratings on independent review platforms. Each customer receives personalized assistance throughout their investment journey from AHG’s customer service representatives; AHG provides this via phone calls, emails and live chat so investors always have multiple channels open to address questions or address concerns they might have regarding investing.

Rosland Capital: Typically enjoys strong customer satisfaction ratings. Some have voiced displeasure regarding sales tactics or responsiveness from Rosland Capital; however, these experiences represent only a minority. To provide optimal assistance during investment processes and customer care team can be reached either via telephone or email for help and customer care can also assign account representatives who serve each customer directly as guides through investment process.


American Hartford Gold (AHG) and Rosland Capital are two reputable precious metals companies, both offering services tailored to different investor needs. AHG prides itself on outstanding customer care, competitive pricing and transparent practices while Rosland Capital boasts a comprehensive product catalog including exclusive collectibles.

Reputationally speaking, American Hartford Gold has always received higher scores from independent review organizations and customers; however, Rosland Capital remains popular due to their extensive product offering and experience within the industry.

Both companies make buying and selling easy, offering buyback programs designed to give investors an effortless exit strategy. Storage solutions are also readily available through both companies with various fees dependent on facility type and storage type chosen.

American Hartford Gold or Rosland Capital is dependent on each investor’s individual needs and objectives when deciding between these two companies. Investors looking for strong customer service, with competitive prices might favor American Hartford Gold; those looking for collectible coins may prefer Rosland Capital instead.

Before selecting their precious metals provider, investors must conduct extensive research. When making their selection from American Hartford Gold or Rosland Capital, investors should make an informed choice that aligns best with their investment objectives and preferences.

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