Augusta Precious Metals vs Noble Gold

Thursday, July 18th 2024

Augusta Precious Metals and Noble Gold are two prominent companies in precious metals investment, each offering services designed to diversify portfolios and secure wealth for investors. In this comparative review of both companies’ offerings and services for precious metal investors, including product offerings, customer service options, fees structures, storage solutions and overall reputation; by the conclusion of this post you should have a greater insight as to which might best meet your precious metals investment requirements.

Company Overview

Augusta Precious Metals: Augusta was established in 2012 and quickly has established themselves as an industry-leader provider of gold and silver investment products. Based out of Beverly Hills, California, their main objective is helping clients diversify their investment portfolio with physical precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, or palladium; offering seamless purchase experiences which educate clients on the benefits associated with owning physical precious metals such as these while offering seamless support services during transactions if purchasing precious metals is ever required.

Noble Gold: The company was established in 2017 to bring newer investment options into the precious metals investment marketplace. Headquartered in Pasadena, California and offering products such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to safeguard investor wealth. Noble Gold takes great pride in their customer service as well as educational resources that give clients all the knowledge required for making informed investment decisions.

Precious Metals Offerings

Augusta Precious Metals and Noble Gold offer a selection of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion bars and coins such as American Gold Eagle (1), Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (2), American Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf among many other popular offerings from leading mints and refineries. Both companies also supply investment grade bars.

Not only do Augusta and Noble Gold provide bullion investment options, they also offer precious metal IRAs. These self-directed individual retirement accounts allow investors to store approved precious metals within tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Although both Augusta and Noble Gold provide this service, investors should carefully compare what each company provides before making their choice.

Augusta Precious Metals: The company provides its clients with the Augusta Gold IRA, which specializes in gold and silver investments. Furthermore, Augusta provides free comprehensive guide of their investment process, so investors understand all benefits associated with owning precious metals inside retirement accounts.

Noble Gold: The company offers more diverse precious metal IRA options. In addition to gold and silver, Noble Gold provides Noble Platinum and Palladium IRAs so investors can diversify further with these less common metals. They also have something called Royal Survival Packs; these packs contain coins and bars from gold, silver, platinum, and palladium that combine perfectly to offer investors an emergency portfolio in times of trouble.

Customer Service

Both Augusta Precious Metals and Noble Gold emphasize customer service excellence to create an enriching, educational experience for their clients. Both offer complimentary consultations to educate investors about precious metals markets so that informed decisions are made.

Augusta Precious Metals: They offer each customer a dedicated customer success agent to guide them through every stage of the process, as well as access to its team of IRA processing department professionals, economic analysis specialists and order desk professionals – providing clients with all the support and resources necessary for success.

Noble Gold: It places great emphasis on customer service, employing an experienced team to assist its clients navigate the precious metals market. Furthermore, it provides numerous educational resources including a free gold IRA guide, investment blog and videos designed for learning about investing.

Fees and Pricing

Augusta Precious Metals and Noble Gold both aim to offer competitive rates with transparent fee structures; however, there may be differences between them which investors should keep in mind when making decisions between these companies.

Augusta Precious Metals: The company offers an easy fee structure for its gold IRA services. Augusta charges one-time setup and maintenance fees totaling $50 each year as well as storage fees depending on which depository and account value are chosen; typically, these range between $100-150 annually. Furthermore, they guarantee clients get their precious metal purchases at the best possible prices with their price-match guarantee policy.

Noble Gold: Their fee structure for precious metals IRAs is also transparent, featuring one-time setup fees of $50 and annual maintenance fees of $80, along with a flat storage fee of $150 regardless of account value – an advantage for investors with larger balances who may experience lower overall fees due to this option. Furthermore, Noble Gold provides price matching guarantees, so investors receive competitive pricing on its precious metal products.

Storage Services

Augusta Precious Metals and Noble Gold both provide safe storage solutions for their client’s precious metal investments, including precious metal IRAs which must store these metals with an approved depository to remain tax-advantaged accounts.

Augusta Precious Metals: The company works closely with several established depositories, such as Delaware Depository and International Depository Services, to offer our clients segregated storage. Augusta’s clients being given multiple choices of depository based on location and preferences for storage needs and preferences.

Noble Gold: The company provides its clients with various storage solutions through partnerships with International Depository Services and Texas Bullion Depository, such as segregated storage to protect client investments from harm or theft. Particularly noteworthy among Noble Gold’s partners is the Texas Bullion Depository which serves as one of only state-administered precious metals depositories in America.

Reputation and Reviews

Augusta Precious Metals and Noble Gold have both built stellar names within the precious metals investment world, earning many positive testimonials and reviews from their satisfied clients, reflecting their dedication to customer service and transparency.

Augusta Precious Metals: The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and holds a 5-star ranking on Trustpilot, garnering hundreds of customer reviews that praise our knowledgeable staff, seamless purchasing process and commitment to customer service. Clients regularly laud Augusta Precious Metals as being committed to meeting customer satisfaction!

Noble Gold: The company also enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and numerous positive customer reviews across platforms, such as Trustpilot and Google Reviews. Their customers frequently highlight Noble Gold’s professional staff, transparent pricing model and educational resources as hallmarks of success.


Both Augusta Precious Metals and Noble Gold are established businesses within the investment market for precious metals with services and products designed to help investors protect as well as diversify portfolios. Although both companies share numerous similarities, they have some important differences worth noticing between these two companies.

Augusta Precious Metals may be more suitable for investors who prioritize personalized customer service as each client receives their own dedicated customer success agent. Furthermore, Augusta’s variable storage fees might prove more cost effective for smaller account balances than some competing brokerage houses.

On the other hand, Noble Gold provides more varied precious metal IRA options, from platinum and palladium investments to unique offerings like their Royal Survival Packs. Their flat rate storage fees may also make Noble Gold more suitable for investors with higher account balances.

The final choice between Augusta Precious Metals and Noble Gold ultimately depends on individual investors’ objectives and preferences, so taking this comprehensive comparison into account should allow investors to make an informed decision.

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