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Wednesday, July 17th 2024

Investment in precious metals like gold and silver has long been part of many investors’ portfolios, particularly with regard to economic and geopolitical uncertainties rising around them. Demand for safe haven investments such as gold has skyrocketed as economic and geopolitical uncertainties have grown ever more uncertain; Birch Gold Group and Oxford Gold Group offer investors services in buying, selling and storing these valuable assets; we will compare both companies here so you can make an informed choice when choosing which company suits your precious metal investment requirements best.

Overview of Company

Birch Gold Group: Birch Gold was established in California’s Burbank neighborhood in 2003 as an established precious metals dealer, specializing in purchasing and selling physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium to customers. Birch Gold Group offers precious metal IRA services that enable investors to include precious metal investments as part of their retirement accounts.

Oxford Gold Group: Established in 2017, the Oxford Gold Group is one of the newer precious metals companies like Birch Gold Group. Based out of Los Angeles, California and offering products and services such as buying and selling gold coins and bars; gold plating; platinum; and palladium coins/bars for investment portfolio diversification services similar to Birch Gold Group (e.g. precious metal IRA services for retirement portfolio diversification).

Product offerings

Birch Gold Group: The company provides an expansive range of precious metal products, such as coins and bars in gold, silver, platinum and palladium – such as American Gold Eagle coins (1), Canadian Maple Leaf coins (2), and South African Krugerrand coins and bars – which include popular options like American Silver Eagle coins. Furthermore, this company also specializes in American Platinum Eagle products like The Krugerrand.

Oxford Gold Group: The company provides an impressive variety of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products similar to Birch Gold Group. Popular options include coins such as American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Australian Kangaroo as well as Austrian Philharmonic Silver products – making for a comprehensive offering from Oxford.

Customer Service and Reputation

Birch Gold Group: The company has built an outstanding reputation through their exceptional customer service, knowledgeable staff and transparent business practices. Since 2011 when first accredited with Better Business Bureau (BBB), the firm has received A+ ratings as well as many positive customer reviews through consumer review websites such as Trustpilot and Trustlink from customers praising its professionalism, transparency and helpful staff members.

Oxford Gold Group: Although relatively new to the market, Oxford Gold has quickly established an outstanding reputation for customer satisfaction and competitive pricing. Oxford Gold Group holds an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (since 2019) as well as positive customer reviews on various consumer review websites; customers frequently praise Oxford Gold Group’s helpful staff, competitive prices and smooth transaction process.

Storage and IRA Services

Birch Gold Group: The company provides investors with precious metal IRA services, enabling them to incorporate gold and other precious metals in their retirement portfolios. Birch Gold Group works with trusted custodians such as Equity Trust Company and Strata Trust Company for secure storage and management of precious metals IRA assets, while segregated storage options may also be provided if customers prefer keeping their metals separate from those belonging to other investors.

Oxford Gold Group: The company also provides precious metal IRA services, providing investors with an option to diversify their retirement portfolio with gold and other precious metals. Working alongside experienced custodians such as Equity Trust Company and GoldStar Trust Company ensures secure storage and management for clients’ IRA assets. Similar to Birch Gold Group, Oxford Gold Group also offers segregated storage options so their metals do not become mixed-in with those belonging to other investors’ holdings.

Fees and Pricing

Birch Gold Group: The company stands out among competitors with its competitive prices and open fee structure, boasting competitive fees that don’t leave customers in the dark as to what their individual expenses may entail. Customers can reach out directly to one of its representatives to gain detailed pricing details; their fees typically include storage, insurance and custodian costs associated with an IRA account as well as shipping costs on non-IRA purchases.

Oxford Gold Group: The company also provides competitive pricing and an open fee structure; customers can contact Oxford directly for detailed fee information. As with Birch Gold Group, its fees include storage, insurance and custodian costs associated with IRA accounts as well as shipping charges associated with non-IRA purchases.

Educational Resources

Birch Gold Group: Their website boasts an expansive knowledge center containing articles, market updates and expert analysis regarding gold and other precious metal investments, along with free investment guides that empower their customers to make more informed choices when investing.

Oxford Gold Group: The company places great emphasis on customer education. Their website contains an in-depth education center with articles, market news updates and expert insights into precious metal investing. As with Birch Gold Group, Oxford Gold Group also provides free investment guides so customers can make well-informed investment decisions.

Account Set-up and Buying Procedure

Birch Gold Group: Establishing an account with Birch Gold Group is a straightforward process for customers. They begin by speaking to one of Birch’s representatives who will guide them through all steps required in opening an IRA account or investing in precious metals online through Birch’s user-friendly online platform. Once their accounts have been created, customers are free to buy and sell precious metals using Birch’s user-friendly trading platform.

Oxford Gold Group: The company makes account opening and purchase simple. Simply contact one of its representatives, fill out any required documentation, choose the IRA trustee custodian and create an online platform through which customers can buy precious metals quickly and easily.


Both Birch Gold Group and Oxford Gold Group provide investors with reliable services when purchasing, selling or storing precious metals. Birch Gold Group boasts more experience within the industry while Oxford Gold Group quickly rose up the ranks due to outstanding customer satisfaction ratings and cost competitive pricing. Both firms provide an expansive product range along with superior service levels as well as user-friendly platforms for managing investments.

Birch Gold Group and Oxford Gold Group should both meet your investment preferences and needs; thus, making the right choice between them should come down to you and what best meets them. When researching these companies’ offerings, fees, customer reviews and the services they provide it’s vital that a comprehensive analysis be done so an informed choice can be made about which investment solution best meets them.

Ready to add precious metals in your retirement plan?

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