Birch Gold vs Regal Assets

Wednesday, June 12th 2024

Investment in precious metals has experienced unprecedented popularity over recent years as an effective means of diversifying portfolios and protecting against economic uncertainties. Leading providers include Birch Gold Group and Regal Assets as providers of precious metal investment services. We present here an in-depth comparison between them that compares history, services offered, fees assessed as well as reputation so potential investors may make informed decisions when (choosing|selecting} their precious metal investment providers.

Birch Gold Group: Overview

Birch Gold Group: The company was established in 2003, quickly earning itself the status of being an experienced precious metals dealer across America. Offering physical investments as well as precious metal IRAs.

Birch Gold Group of Burbank, California boasts 18 years of experience in the precious metals industry and takes great pride in their customer service. Prioritizing client education on all aspects of investing in precious metals. Their experienced professionals strive to offer tailored advice tailored to an individual’s individual needs and investment goals.

Birch Gold Group provides an assortment of services, such as:

Fees and Charges

Birch Gold Group’s fee structure is clear and unambiguous. New accounts incur an initial setup fee of $90, annual maintenance is set at $80 and storage fees at $100. These prices are competitive within the industry and there are no hidden or additional costs attached to their service offerings.

Reputation and Customer Reviews.

Birch Gold Group has established itself as an authority within the precious metals industry, boasting an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB) (1) and 5-star review on Trustpilot (2) from clients praising its professionalism, customer service and approach to investing precious metals.

Regal Assets Overview

Regal Assets was established in 2009 as one of the premier precious metals dealers. Offering investment options such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and even cryptocurrency assets for purchase or leasing purposes. Headquartered in Waco, Texas with operations spread out worldwide such as Canada, UK and United Arab Emirates. Regal Assets stands as another formidable name within its field of precious metals trading and investment options for potential clients.

Over its short existence, Regal Assets has quickly established itself as an innovative precious metals dealer. Tyler Gallagher recognized a need in the market for an investment firm offering not only precious metals but also digital assets like cryptocurrency. Creating Regal Assets as a pioneer of providing diverse investment options to clients.

Regal Assets provides services, such as:

Fees and Charges

Regal Assets offers an attractive fee structure, starting with an account setup fee of $100 and an annual maintenance fee of $80. However, storage fees depend on which facility is chosen. Domestic storage begins at $150 annually, while international costs $225 annually. Though for accounts valued over $50,000 the company provides flat storage rates starting from $250 annually for both precious metals and cryptocurrency accounts.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

Regal Assets has garnered an impeccable reputation within the precious metals and digital asset markets. Recognized with an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and boasting 4.9-stars on Trustpilot respectively, customers consistently praise Regal Assets’ knowledgeable staff, prompt customer service response times, innovative investment offerings and responsive approach by numerous customer review sites.

Comparing Birch Gold Group and Regal Assets

Both Birch Gold Group and Regal Assets provide essential services to investors of precious metals; however, each has some key distinctions from one another:


Birch Gold Group and Regal Assets are both respected precious metal dealers that offer various services tailored to different investment needs. While Birch Gold Group boasts longer experience and boasts better customer reviews overall, Regal Assets stands out with their unique crypto IRA offerings and international presence.

Birch Gold Group and Regal Assets both boast extensive track records, competitive fees and strong commitments to excellent customer service, making them both formidable contenders in the precious metals investment space.

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