Can I Buy Gold In An IRA?

Wednesday, June 12th 2024

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) have quickly become one of the primary investment vehicles for Americans planning for retirement savings. Offering various investment options and customization tools, Individual Retirement Accounts allow investors to build an appropriate diversified portfolio that best satisfies their specific financial objectives and risk profile. A common question regarding an IRA involves purchasing gold as part of its retirement savings account; here we explore this strategy along with its pros, cons, and how you can get started if gold seems suitable to you as part of retirement saving strategy.

Is Gold an Investment Choice within Your IRA?

Yes, gold can be purchased within an IRA; however, you should be mindful of any specific restrictions before attempting this investment. According to IRS rules, self-directed IRAs allow investors to hold gold and other precious metals within their portfolio; these differ from traditional or Roth IRAs in terms of investment opportunities available to you.

Self-directed IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts, or “IRAs”) allow investors to hold various investment types within one retirement account – from alternative assets like real estate and private equity, through precious metals like gold. Accounts managed this way are overseen by an appointed trustee who ensures investments comply with IRS regulations.

When purchasing gold for your self-directed IRA, it must meet specific IRS guidelines. Only certain forms and investments related to gold may be accepted within an IRA account and meet minimum purity requirements set by the IRS.

Accepted forms include:

Notably, collectible coins, jewelry and gold certificates do not fall within an IRA’s permissible asset list.

Why Consider Gold for an IRA?

There are various reasons for investors to add gold IRA portfolios, including:

Risks and Drawbacks of Gold in an IRA

Though gold investing can bring many advantages, it is wise to be wary of any associated risks or drawbacks, which include:

Starting Out with Gold in an IRA

Once you’ve considered all your options and decided that investing in gold with an IRA is right for you, follow these steps to begin:


Gold investment through an Individual Retirement Account can be an excellent strategy to diversify and protect wealth during times of economic instability. But before considering adding gold as part of an IRA strategy, it’s essential that you fully comprehend all associated requirements, restrictions, risks, and drawbacks of this approach – as well as consulting a certified custodian on this decision – in order to make an informed decision as to whether gold should become part of your retirement savings plans or not.

Are you ready to invest in a gold IRA?

Now is the time to acquire some gold to hedge your retirement funds. Gold is an excellent investment option for an IRA! Take a look at our list below of the best gold IRA trusts – many of which are currently waiving initial fees for new clients.

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