Can I Hold My Own Gold?

Saturday, April 20th 2024

Gold has always held great appeal throughout human civilization; from mythical golden fleeces to gold rushes in the 19th century (1). Gold’s allure remains relevant today – from tangible assets such as brick and mortar stores offering it, to its use as a hedge against fluctuating economies – yet many question whether they should own physical gold as they make choices in uncertain economic environments. While you certainly may own physical gold ownership there may be certain implications, benefits, and drawbacks associated with physical gold ownership that must be understood before making such a commitment decision.

Gold as an Investment Strategy

Gold has long been seen as an investment “safe haven”. When economic turbulence strikes, investors turn to it for security in times of unpredictability. Unlike fiat currencies such as dollars or euros that can be artificially produced or devalued over time, gold provides investors a tangible means to protect against inflation or currency devaluation while its universal acceptance provides additional peace of mind for investors.

Gold can play an essential part in an investment portfolio, yet investors should keep its risks in mind. Prices can fluctuate significantly, and it doesn’t produce income or dividends like stocks and bonds do; additionally it may be subject to government intervention (as happened briefly in America during 1933 when private ownership of gold was briefly banned).

Physical Gold Ownership: Pros and Cons

Alternatives to Physical Gold Ownership

If the challenges associated with physical gold ownership seem too difficult for your comfort level, there may be easier alternatives available to investors. Gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds offer exposure to its price without worrying about storage or liquidity – these funds buy and store gold on behalf of their investors, while shares can be traded like any other security on stock market exchanges.

Gold mining stocks offer another alternative investment option that closely tracks with the price of physical gold; yet also provide dividends and capital gains potential that physical gold does not. But investing in these shares introduces additional risks related to company specific and geopolitical risk considerations.

Gold options and futures offer an additional avenue for speculation about the future price of gold for investors. These contracts permit them to purchase or sell certain quantities of gold at a set price in the future; however, they can also be complicated and dangerous investing.


Holding physical gold can be a personal decision that depends on your financial goals, risk tolerance and comfort with managing a physical asset.

As much as this form of gold investing offers several distinct advantages, there can also be challenges associated with it that don’t apply with other forms of gold investment.

Understand the intricacies of gold ownership and incorporate it into your overall investment plan before purchasing physical gold, ETFs or gold mining stocks – regardless of which you decide upon it’s important to conduct extensive research or seek professional advice from a financial advisor.

Gold may entice yet owning it can be more complex than imagined. Yes, owning gold may be within your reach; the key lies in understanding all risks involved with such investments to make informed decisions that meet your financial objectives.

Are you ready to invest in a gold IRA today?

An investment in gold or other precious metals can help diversify your investing portfolio. Because gold has little or zero connection with equity or bonds, it helps reduce the risk for you in total. You may invest in gold through special gold IRA providers, which you can learn more about below.

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