Can You Have A Solo 401k With An LLC?

Wednesday, June 12th 2024

As more financial instruments emerge and entrepreneurial efforts flourish, a question has surfaced regarding whether one can establish an LLC with their Solo 401k account. While technically this option exists, certain conditions must first be taken into consideration and this post aims to delve into that topic in depth.

Know Your Basics of Solo 401Ks and LLCs

Prior to delving deeper, it’s crucial that we grasp the fundamental concepts. Here are two of them that form the core of this discussion.

Eligibility for Establishing an LLC-Owned Solo 401k Plan

Under these definitions, an LLC owner or member can establish their own Solo 401k provided they meet certain criteria:

Advantages of Solo 401K Plans for LLCs

Establishing a Solo 401k account presents many advantages to an LLC:

How to Establish an Individual Retirement 401K Account with an LLC

If you own an LLC and wish to establish a Solo 401k plan, here are the steps typically involved:

Potential Pitfalls and Considerations

Though Solo 401k plans offer attractive advantages, LLC owners should also carefully consider possible downsides:


Thus, yes. An LLC owner without full-time employees (other than spouse) who earn self-employment income and wants to have an option for retirement savings like Solo 401k is able to easily set up one. However, Solo 401k offers many advantages including high contribution limits as well as tax advantages, it also comes with as potential issues to be carefully taken into consideration prior to implementing this retirement savings plan.

As with any financial decision, consulting a financial advisor or tax professional before taking action on Solo 401k plans is recommended to gain full insight and make informed choices. With proper guidance and careful planning, an LLC may leverage Solo 401k accounts effectively towards creating a secure retirement strategy.

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