Can You Have an IRA and a Crypto IRA?

Wednesday, June 12th 2024

Investors are always searching for new methods of wealth creation. In recent years, cryptocurrency (1) has proven itself an attractive and potentially lucrative investment option. When considering retirement planning strategies, many have wondered whether both traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and crypto IRA can co-exist simultaneously; it turns out the answer is yes but both types work differently; we will explore this complex relationship further by uncovering their benefits, drawbacks, and performance metrics in-depth in this investigation.

A Brief Overview of IRAs

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are investment tools intended to assist people in saving for retirement. With an IRA account you have the flexibility to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds. and exchange-traded fund. There are two basic categories of IRA accounts: traditional and Roth.

Traditional IRAs allow investors to contribute pre-tax dollars, with growth occurring on a tax-deferred basis until withdrawal, which usually happens upon retirement. Roth IRAs on the other hand, allow investments to grow tax free while distributions may also be tax-free provided certain conditions are met.

Emergence of Crypto IRAs

Contrasting with traditional and Roth IRAs, a crypto IRA is a self-directed IRA (SDIRA) designed to invest in cryptocurrencies. SDIRAs typically provide more investment options compared to their counterparts than traditional or Roth IRAs and allow investors to diversify into assets like real estate, private placements, and cryptocurrency assets.

Crypto IRAs emerged with the increasing interest in digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum (2), and Litecoin. Individuals using crypto IRAs to invest in them can purchase any variety of cryptocurrencies – not limited to but including Bitcoin, Ethereum Litecoin etc – at tax-advantaged returns like they would from investing into traditional IRAs.

Can You Have Both a Traditional IRA and a Crypto IRA?

Yes, an individual may possess both traditional IRA and crypto IRA accounts simultaneously; however, it’s essential that one understands any limits placed by the IRS on contributions made simultaneously to these accounts.

The IRS allows those aged 50 or below to contribute up to $6,500 annually towards traditional and Roth IRAs, with those 50+ having a contribution limit of $7,500. Consequently, total annual contributions must not surpass these caps in either traditional IRA or cryptocurrency IRA contributions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional IRA Plans

Traditional IRAs offer multiple advantages:

However, traditional IRAs also present certain drawbacks:

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Crypto IRA

Crypto IRAs also present many advantages:

However, one must keep some cons in mind as well:

Which Is Right for You?

Your decision between traditional IRA and crypto IRA investment options–or having both–depends heavily on your risk tolerance, financial goals, and investment knowledge. A traditional IRA might be suitable if your focus lies more conservatively with long-term steady growth; conversely a crypto IRA might suit those comfortable with higher risks but potentially greater potential returns as well as those knowledgeable of crypto markets.

Key Considerations

Before opening either a traditional or crypto IRA, or both, it’s essential to bear the following in mind.


Having both traditional and crypto IRAs can be an excellent strategy for diversifying retirement savings, provided this decision is carefully considered based on financial objectives, understanding of the crypto market, tolerance for risk tolerance etc. If in doubt about any major decisions concerning retirement planning consult a financial advisor first!

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