Can You Have An IRA With Crypto?

Wednesday, July 17th 2024

With cryptocurrency’s growing popularity and remarkable returns over the past decade, more investors are exploring how they can incorporate this emerging asset class into their retirement savings strategies. Traditional retirement vehicles such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) have increasingly been investigated in relation to digital assets like Bitcoin (1) or Ethereum (2) – with traditional investors seeking out how they are compatible. We will discuss its mechanics, benefits, potential drawbacks, legal considerations, and long-term implications of owning cryptocurrency within an IRA account.

Can You Indeed Have an IRA with Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency as an asset class can absolutely form part of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), specifically Self-Directed IRAs that give account holders greater investment choices such as stocks, and bonds as well as real estate investments, private company shares, and cryptocurrency. Therefore, if diversifying retirement savings with digital assets is something you are considering then considering such accounts might be beneficial to do just that.

Self-Directed Cryptocurrency IRAs, as part of broader Self-Directed IRAs, provide investors with an investment account designed specifically for digital assets. Numerous financial institutions and cryptocurrency investment platforms now provide these accounts that follow IRS regulations allowing such investments.

How Does a Crypto IRA Work?

To open a cryptocurrency IRA, it’s first necessary to select an institution as your custodian. A custodian acts as the institution which holds your investments on behalf of investors – an IRS requirement when opening Self-Directed IRAs. Certain custodians specialize in digital assets by offering platforms which make buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrency possible.

Once an IRA has been created, you transfer funds into it through either cash contributions, rollovers from another retirement account or transfers between IRAs. When those funds arrive in your IRA account, they can then be used to buy cryptocurrency investments held securely by its custodian.

Taxes on gains from crypto investments are deferred, just like they would be with traditional IRAs, until retirement withdrawals. A Roth version of a Crypto IRA allows post-tax contributions while withdrawals after age 59 1/2 will remain tax-free.

Why Consider a Crypto IRA?

There are multiple reasons why Crypto IRAs might make sense for an investor:

Downsides and Risks

While Crypto IRAs could offer great potential advantages, there are also potential drawbacks and risks worth keeping in mind:

Legal Considerations

IRS considers cryptocurrency to be property for tax purposes rather than money; any profits realized from selling or exchanging cryptocurrency are subject to capital gains tax; however, when invested within an IRA (such as Roth or Traditional IRAs ), gains are tax-deferred until withdrawal (and may even become tax free in case of Roth IRAs), making a Crypto IRA an advantageous way of investing cryptocurrency.

Notably, IRS rules concerning IRAs stipulate that assets in an IRA must be held by an accredited custodian; as a result, you cannot purchase cryptocurrency and store it yourself; you need the custodian who provides Crypto IRA services as your repository of custody for holding it safely in trust.

Security: Protecting Your Crypto IRA

As with any digital asset, cryptocurrency held within an IRA account can become vulnerable to cybercrime and hackers, underscoring the importance of choosing an administrator with advanced security features to safeguard it.

Crypto IRA providers should employ security practices such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, and cold storage if applicable as part of their security practices when providing you with your crypto assets. When choosing your Crypto IRA provider, it’s vital that their security meets with your expectations if possible.

The Future: Crypto IRAs Moving Forward

As cryptocurrency regulations develop and shift, Crypto IRAs could undergo similar transformation. With increasing acceptance and adoption rates of digital assets comes more providers offering Crypto IRAs at more competitive fees – potentially driving fees down in response.

Because regulations may pose issues being aware and flexible will be essential for managing cryptocurrency IRAs with success in the years to come.


Cryptocurrency IRAs do exist and may provide tax advantages, potential high returns, and diversify your retirement investments with cryptocurrency. But like all investments they involve risks including volatility, complexity and potential regulatory changes; as with any investment it’s crucial that investors understand exactly what they’re getting themselves into when selecting an IRA with cryptocurrency investments and seek advice from financial advisors before proceeding further with any plans to purchase crypto assets for retirement purposes.

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