Can You Invest In Gold In The TSP?

Friday, September 22nd 2023

Thrift Savings Plans (TSPs) play an essential part of retirement savings for U.S. federal employees – such as civil service employees, members of uniformed services and employees at various government agencies – including civil servants. Offering numerous investment choices with their own advantages and drawbacks. One area many investors worry about investing in is gold; thus, this article explores this particular investment option to see whether you can buy physical gold via TSP.

Background on TSPs

Before we explore that question, let’s first define and understand what the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is and its operation. Established by Congress as part of the Federal Employees Retirement System Act in 1986, the Thrift Savings Plan offers defined contribution plans like a 401(k). As of September 2021, there were five individual investment funds and five lifecycle funds or “L” funds designed specifically to fit different investment horizons and time horizons for retirement planning.

These five funds include the Government Securities Investment (G) Fund, Fixed Income Index Investment (F) Fund, Common Stock Index Investment (C) Fund, Small Capitalization Stock Index Investment (S) Fund and International Stock Index Investment (I) Fund. Each has different risk/return characteristics which give TSP participants more investment options to consider when building their savings portfolios.

Gold or other precious metals do not appear explicitly among these options, making direct investment impossible via the TSP currently. Like many defined contribution plans, TSP has restrictions on which investments it covers; generally focusing on broadly diversified mutual funds which follow various sectors in stock and bond markets.

However, participants in the TSP don’t need a direct gold investment option to reap its potential advantages – rather they should understand its role within an overall investment strategy and understand where gold might fit best within it.

Investments Allowed that Come with Similar Advantages

Gold has long been considered an attractive investment due to its track record of maintaining its value over time and acting as an inflation hedge (1). Furthermore, many see gold as a “safe haven” during times of economic unpredictability as it tends to move inversely from more volatile asset classes like stocks; therefore, even though you cannot directly invest in it using your TSP account you can devise an approach which serves similar functions.

G Fund investments consist largely of short-term U.S. Treasury securities that are guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, making these types of investments generally considered low risk – like gold’s protective properties during volatile market conditions. Furthermore, F Fund can serve to hedge against inflationary risk as it follows Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index changes; providing some measure of protection like what gold provides within a balanced portfolio.

While these alternatives don’t exactly replicate the characteristics of gold investments, they still provide many of its benefits such as protecting purchasing power and decreasing portfolio volatility. It all boils down to knowing your risk profile, time horizon, financial goals and creating an investment plan accordingly.

Other Available Options

Of note is the fact that, as a federal employee or service member participating in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) with strong desires of investing directly in gold or other precious metals, you have options outside the TSP itself. One possibility would be opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), giving you more freedom in choosing specific gold-backed ETFs (2) or even physical gold to invest in via self-directed IRA. But this would involve additional costs, tax implications and potential risks when purchasing precious metals – potentially significant ones.

Gold as an Investment


Although gold cannot be directly invested through the TSP However, you could still benefit by investing in a strategic manner using the options of investments inside it. The traditional function of gold as an inflation hedge and secure haven asset in times of the economic downturn can be accomplished by using TSP investment options that are wisely chosen.

For investors wishing to add gold as part of their portfolios, additional options exist outside the TSP, including investing in gold-backed ETFs within an IRA. It is essential that any such strategy takes into account both risks and costs while adhering to maintaining a diverse and balanced investment portfolio.

Investing gold through your TSP may not be as straightforward as initially imagined. Although direct gold investment may not be possible within its confines, there may still be ways of using your TSP to achieve similar financial objectives – the key being understanding your financial goals, risk tolerance and investment options both inside and outside your TSP account. As with most complex matters involving investments such as this one, seeking advice from an advisor would likely help create the optimal strategy tailored specifically towards your personal needs and circumstances.

Are you ready to take control?

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