Can You Own Commodities In An IRA?

Wednesday, July 17th 2024

Commodity investments might seem an appealing way of diversifying an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). But can commodities actually be owned in an IRA? In general terms, yes; but their purchase requires additional consideration than traditional stock or bond purchases. Let’s investigate further into this fascinating aspect of retirement investing while reviewing both potential advantages and associated risks.

Understanding Commodities and Their Role in Investment Portfolios

Commodities such as oil, natural gas, precious metals, and agricultural products play an essential part of global economic structure. Unlike stocks or bonds which do not possess intrinsic value for themselves but only represent short-term investments with variable returns due to inflationary or currency fluctuation concerns, commodities offer intrinsic value allowing investors to hedge against inflation and currency fluctuation risks.

Investment in commodities can be highly risky and involves high fluctuations. They don’t generate dividends or interest payments like traditional stocks do – their only profitable outcome lies in selling for higher than they originally cost.

Commodities and IRAs: A Regulatory Overview

Due to Internal Revenue Service regulations, investing in commodities through an IRA isn’t always appropriate. The IRS only permits certain investments within an IRA account and certain commodities fall outside these guidelines.

Typically, the IRS permits investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, CDs (1), and certain precious metals and real estate; it prohibits collectible investments – which include any type of metal other than gold, silver, palladium and platinum; gems stamps coins (except certain coins ) or alcohol beverages.

However, precious metals eligible for ownership in an IRA must meet specific fineness requirements and not be used as personal possession; rather they should be held by an IRA trustee and managed as an asset within it. Therefore, ownership of physical commodities in an IRA typically refers to specific precious metals.

Investment of Commodities through an IRA

So how can an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) investor invest in commodities? There are three approaches available.

Exploring Specific Commodities for IRA Investment

Choose wisely which commodities to include in your IRA to maximize its potential benefits and reduce potential risks. Let’s examine some examples that can be included as investments within an IRA account.

Potential Benefits of Commodity Investing within an IRA

Commodity investments within an IRA offer multiple potential advantages despite its complex and risky nature, including:

Potential Risks and Challenges

Commodities may offer potential advantages in an IRA account; however, they also present significant risks and difficulties.


While investing in commodities through an IRA is possible, doing so should only be undertaken after careful thought and professional guidance from financial and tax advisors. Your decision to add commodities should depend upon your risk tolerance, financial goals, understanding of commodity markets as well as any tax implications of doing so. Before making such important decisions, it is wise to get guidance from both of them first.

Comprehending the complexity and potential advantages and risks involved, investors can make smarter decisions regarding including commodities in their IRAs. Doing so may yield benefits such as diversifying portfolios more widely while broadening global economic exposure while protecting inflation while being mindful of inherent volatility and regulatory restrictions.

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