Goldco vs Oxford Gold Group

Thursday, June 20th 2024

Gold and silver investments have long been popular strategies among investors looking to diversify their portfolios or hedge against market fluctuations. Two prominent precious metals investment firms, Goldco and Oxford Gold Group are two such options we will compare in this post, so that you can make an informed decision as to which is the right partner for your individual goals.

Company Overview

Goldco: Goldco, established in 2006, is an innovative precious metals firm offering gold and silver Individual Retirement Accounts as well as direct sales of coins and bars. Based in Woodland Hills, California, the firm prides itself on excellent customer service as well as offering diverse investment solutions to their clients. Goldco focuses on informing its clients about investing in precious metals while helping them make informed choices for their financial futures.

Oxford Gold Group: The company was established in Los Angeles, California, with the mission of offering investors an easy and safe method to invest in precious metals. Oxford Gold Group offers various services relating to gold and silver investments. These range from individual retirement accounts (IRA), direct sales of physical gold, silver bullion bars, coins as well as offering personalized customer care with unwavering commitment. Oxford Gold Group prides itself on personalized service for every investor as part of our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Product and Service Offerings

Goldco: Best-known for providing investors with self-directed IRAs allowing them to hold physical gold and silver as retirement accounts, with access to custodians that guarantee safe storage of these assets. Goldco’s primary mission is assisting its investors to set up gold and silver IRAs through an easy setup process that offers tax benefits over traditional IRAs (1).

Goldco also provides direct sales of coins and bars made out of precious metals for personal delivery or addition to an existing IRA account.

Goldco is committed to educating its clients about the many advantages associated with investing in precious metals, offering articles, videos and webinars to make informed decisions when purchasing precious metals.

Oxford Gold Group: The company offers similar gold and silver IRA services as Goldco. This firm assists investors with setting up self-directed IRAs as well as providing access to its network of trusted custodians and depositories.

Oxford Gold Group also offers direct sales of gold and silver coins, bars and numismatic coins that can be delivered to personal addresses or added directly into an IRA account.

Oxford Gold Group prides itself on offering personalized services tailored to each of their client’s individual requirements, with precious metal specialists on staff ready to guide investors toward finding products and strategies tailored specifically to their investment goals.

Prices and Fees

Goldco: The company offers competitive fees for gold and silver IRAs in terms of fees charged annually. Fees include a one-time setup of $50, an administration fee of $80 annually as well as segregated storage fee of $100 annually. This totals to $180 annually in costs associated with holding one with them.

Goldco offers highly competitive pricing based on the spot prices for gold and silver coins and bars sold directly, without charging extra shipping or insurance fees for orders exceeding $5,000.

Oxford Gold Group: The company’s fees for gold and silver IRAs are also among the industry’s most competitive. Oxford Gold Group charges an initial set up fee of $50, an administration fee of $80 annually and segregated storage fees of $100 annually. Totaling up to an annual cost of storing gold or silver at Oxford Gold Group of $180 each year.

Oxford Gold Group provides competitive pricing based on spot metal prices when selling gold and silver coins, bars, numismatic coins directly. In addition, free shipping, and insurance cover every order regardless of its size.

Reputation and customer service

Goldco: The company has earned an exceptional reputation for customer service. Customers praise Goldco’s helpful staff as well as the smooth process for opening an IRA with Goldco. Trustpilot rates them A+ while Trustpilot rates them 4.8 stars out of 5.

Oxford Gold Group: The company has earned praise from their clients. This company boasts an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB), as well as 4.7/5 stars from Trustpilot reviews. Customers have commented positively on Oxford Gold Group’s personalized service, attention to detail, knowledgeable and friendly staff as well as personalized pricing plans for jewelry purchases.

Notable Partnerships and Associations

Goldco: It has formed strategic alliances with several prominent financial experts and institutions to further its goal of informing investors on the benefits of investing in precious metals. Goldco has collaborated with former presidential candidate and financial commentator Ron Paul as its official spokesperson, as well as Ed Slott & Company IRA Leadership Program which offers expertise on tax laws pertaining to IRA investments.

Oxford Gold Group: The company has developed relationships with a variety of prestigious organizations and professionals from the market for precious metals. Oxford Gold Group holds membership to several professional bodies including: American Numismatic Association; Industry Council for Tangible Assets and Professional Numismatists Guild to demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards of industry and best methods of operation.


Both Goldco and Oxford Gold Group provide investors seeking to diversify their portfolio with precious metals with services to suit various investment objectives at reasonable fees, with outstanding customer service reviews and strong ties within the industry.

Goldco is known for their educational resources and expertise regarding gold and silver IRAs, in partnership with well-recognized financial experts like Ron Paul. While Oxford Gold Group specializes in personalized service with more extensive offerings such as coins.

Goldco and Oxford Gold Group both provide competitive services that help investors add precious metals such as gold and silver to their portfolios. By carefully considering all of the factors covered herein, making an informed decision that fits best with your investment goals can be done.

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