Regal Assets vs Advantage Gold

Sunday, June 16th 2024

The precious metals investment market offers numerous choices to those seeking to diversify their portfolio and protect it against economic fluctuations. Two such popular investment companies include Regal Assets and Advantage Gold; this post compares them in depth so prospective investors can make an informed choice as to which best meets their needs.

Company Overview

Regal Assets: Regal Assets was established by Tyler Gallagher in 2009 as an industry-leading precious metals investment provider. Recognized for its customer-first philosophy and wide array of services offered, such as gold and silver IRAs, cryptocurrency investments and offshore storage solutions. Regal Assets has built up a sterling reputation over time, earning rave reviews in publications like Forbes, Smart Money, and MarketWatch for outstanding customer care and service excellence. Based in Waco Texas with offices also operating globally such as Canada, UK, and UAE offices. Regal Assets provides customized precious metal investment products from anywhere globally!

Advantage Gold: Advantage Gold was launched by Adam Baratta and Kirill Zagalsky in 2014 to offer gold and silver IRAs as well as educational resources that help investors make informed investment decisions. Since its start up, Advantage Gold has received multiple Trustlink “Best of Trustlink” awards due to their dedication to transparency and customer service, with headquarters located in Los Angeles.

Precious Metal IRA Services

Regal Assets and Advantage Gold both provide precious metal IRA services, enabling investors to diversify their retirement portfolio with physical gold and silver investments. Both firms provide an efficient process for setting up self-directed IRA accounts as well as purchase, storage and management of precious metals held within those accounts.

Regal Assets‘ investment options go well beyond gold and silver by providing investors with more versatile investments like platinum and palladium as well as alternative forms like cryptocurrency, making Regal Assets an appealing solution for those wanting a diversified portfolio.

Storage Options

Regal Assets: Provides domestic and international storage solutions for its client’s precious metals. In the U.S., Regal Assets partners with Brink’s Global Services for secure warehousing. For clients preferring offshore options such as Singapore, Hong Kong, or Dubai storage they offer alternatives like Brinks Global Storage Services as an option.

Advantage Gold: Focus is primarily on domestic storage. Their partnership with Delaware Depository and Brink’s Global Services allows for secure warehousing within the US. Although Advantage Gold doesn’t offer international options, their domestic facilities are highly secure and renowned.

Minimum Investment and Minimums Fees

Regal Assets: The company requires a minimum investment of $10,000 for precious metal IRAs and $25,000 for alternative investments such as cryptocurrency investments. They charge an annual flat fee of $250 that includes storage and administration expenses.

Advantage Gold: The company provides investors with smaller budgets with access to investing. An annual fee of $225 applies for accounts between $100,000 and $200,000. Storage fees will incur separately depending on both account size and storage facility used.

Educational Resources

Advantage Gold: The company places an emphasis on investor education and provides clients with various resources that allow them to make well-informed investment decisions. They include an expansive “Gold IRA Guide,” webinars and videos covering various aspects of precious metals investing. Furthermore, Advantage Gold also offers personalized consultation services so investors can navigate this complex world of precious metals IRAs with ease.

Regal Assets: The company provides educational resources similar to Advantage Gold’s such as its “Gold IRA Investment Guide” and an educational blog with market trends, investment strategies and economic news updates. Although Regal Asset’s resources may prove useful, their scope does not match that offered by Advantage Gold.

Customer Service

Regal Assets and Advantage Gold have long been known for providing outstanding customer service, from personalized consultations and prompt responses to inquiries to dedicated account representatives providing assistance throughout the investment process.

Regal Assets: The company has built its success on offering excellent customer service for many years; numerous testimonials attesting to this are available online and via trusted review platforms like Trustpilot (where it boasts an A+ rating from BBB and Trustpilot respectively).

Advantage Gold: The company has earned itself the “Best of Trustlink” award twice over, as well as earning A+ ratings with both Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot.

Reputation and Industry Recognition

Regal Assets: It has been featured in numerous publications like Forbes, Smart Money and MarketWatch as a leading precious metals investment firm. Furthermore, this business has received endorsement from prominent industry figures like former presidential candidate Ron Paul (1) and financial analyst Peter Schiff (2) – further cementing its prominence within this market segment.

Advantage Gold: It has quickly established itself in the marketplace despite having only recently opened for business. With their commitment to honesty and quality customer support, Advantage Gold have won multiple accolades such as Trustlink’s Best of Trustlist award as well as praise from customers who are happy with their service..


Both Regal Assets and Advantage Gold provide attractive investments for investors seeking to diversify their portfolio with precious metals. Regal Assets stands out with its flexible investment offerings, international storage solutions and industry recognition making it an excellent option for investors searching for offshore storage options with multiple investment choices and diverse investment offerings.

Advantage Gold stands out by providing comprehensive educational materials and an accessible minimum investment threshold, making it the ideal solution for novice investors or those with smaller budgets looking to enter precious metals investing.

Regal Assets or Advantage Gold depends entirely upon an investor’s individual needs, preferences and investment objectives. Before making a choice between either company, it is vitally important that due diligence be conducted into both entities in terms of investment options, storage solutions fees and customer service provided before reaching a conclusion.

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