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Thursday, July 18th 2024

Recent years have witnessed dramatic change to the investment landscape, with various asset classes competing for investor attention and competing for their investment dollars. Precious metals have witnessed an explosion of interest as investors increasingly turn them to protect against inflation and economic uncertainty; two leaders in the precious metals investment space include Regal Assets and Oxford Gold Group who serve as industry pioneers within this segment. Here we present an in-depth comparison between them regarding services provided and benefits they offer investors looking to diversify their portfolio with precious metals investments.

Company Background

Regal Assets: Regal Assets was founded by Tyler Gallagher in 2009 as an established precious metals investment firm. Specializing in alternative investments like gold, silver, platinum and palladium investments as well as cryptocurrency trading opportunities – Regal Assets enjoys an excellent reputation among clients due to customer service standards, competitive pricing and an expansive product offering; thus enabling investors to diversify their portfolio with both traditional and alternative investment vehicles.

Oxford Gold Group: Oxford Gold Group was launched by a team of financial experts in 2017 as an upstart player in the precious metals investment world. Their aim is to equip investors with all of the knowledge and tools required for protecting and expanding wealth through precious metal investments like gold, silver, platinum, palladium. Oxford Gold Group offers various investment products including gold, silver platinum and palladium to investors looking for long-term opportunities with precious metal investments. Their commitment is highlighted through excellent customer service as well as integrity in every deal completed between themselves and customers.

Precious Metals Offerings

Regal Assets and Oxford Gold Group both provide investors with an impressive selection of precious metal products, such as bullion bars and coins as well as collectible and numismatic coins, that may appeal to investors depending on their individual needs and preferences. But each company may differ slightly in what offerings are made available compared to one another – one may prove more alluring depending on your particular investment needs and wants than the other company does.

Regal Assets: The company provides investors with a selection of investment-grade bullion bars and coins, such as American Gold Eagles (1), Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (2), and South African Krugerrands, along with rare collectible coins like pre-1933 U.S. gold coins as well as certified proof coins. In addition to being approved IRA precious metal investments that allow their investors to include precious metal investments such as gold into their retirement accounts.

Oxford Gold Group: The company provides an expansive array of precious metal products, from gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion bars and coins to exclusive limited-edition collectible coins manufactured through partnerships with mints – offering investment-grade options like American Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple Leaves and Austrian Philharmonics as popular investment choices. In addition, Oxford Gold Group stands out by providing exclusive collectible coins that meet limited production runs such as limited-edition collectibles from mints that produce personalized coins specially for them; furthermore they provide IRA approved precious metals which help diversify retirement portfolios further than most companies do today!

Cryptocurrency Offerings

Regal Assets is making waves in the cryptocurrency space. Offerings from Regal Assets range from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin investments with easy purchasing platforms provided for investors looking for digital investments; setting them apart from rival Oxford Gold Group which does not yet provide cryptocurrency investments options.

Customer Service and Support

Regal Assets and Oxford Gold Group take great pride in offering outstanding customer service and support, both of which boast strong track records of exceeding customer satisfaction expectations.

Regal Assets: It has built its name around exceptional service; account representatives at Regal are readily available to answer customer inquiries or address concerns immediately, and also provides free educational materials and kits on its website to assist investors make smart choices about investments.

Oxford Gold Group: It boasts an experienced team of account executives that offer tailored service to every one of their clients, offering free consultations to educate prospective investors on all of the available investment options and help determine which suits their goals and risk tolerance best. Furthermore, their website contains educational resources such as articles, guides, market news and even market reports so clients stay up-to-date.

IRA Services

Regal Assets and Oxford Gold Group both provide self-directed IRA services, allowing investors to diversify their retirement portfolio with precious metals – an effective strategy to combat inflation while safeguarding savings against economic recession.

Regal Assets: The company provides an effortless process for setting up a precious metals IRA, walking investors through each step and offering them access to approved gold, silver, platinum and palladium products as IRA holdings. Furthermore, Regal Assets now offers cryptocurrency IRAs giving investors the ability to include digital assets into their retirement portfolios.

Oxford Gold Group: The company assists investors with creating precious metal IRAs and offers several approved products from gold, silver, platinum and palladium – but do not currently provide cryptocurrency IRA options.

Storage and Shipping

Both companies provide investors with safe storage solutions who would rather leave their precious metals stored elsewhere.

Regal Assets: They partner with Brink’s Global Services for this service; providing fully insured segregated storage for precious metals and digital assets at various worldwide locations to meet investor’s storage requirements, whether domestic or global.

Oxford Gold Group: They provide domestic storage solutions through their partnership with Delaware Depository – an experienced precious metals depository facility. Investors have access to both segregated and non-segregated storage options which are fully insured.

Shipping services provided by both companies include guaranteed and discreet services for their customers; Regal Assets provides free domestic shipping while Oxford Gold Group offers this benefit on qualifying orders.

Pricing and Fees

Regal Assets and Oxford Gold Group both strive to offer their precious metal products at a reasonable price, though prices vary depending on the current market conditions or the particular products bought; however, both companies generally follow industry-standard pricing structures when it comes to prices for precious metal products.

Regal Assets: The company charges an annual flat fee of $250 to cover storage and administrative fees; cryptocurrency IRAs have an annual flat fee of $300.

Oxford Gold Group: The company charges annual fees starting from a $175 annual fee for precious metals accounts under $100,000 with balances below $100k; for accounts over this threshold storage fees start from a separate $100/year for non-segregated storage with segregated storage costing $150/year more per annum.


Regal Assets and Oxford Gold Group are two acclaimed precious metals investment companies, each providing investors with products and services designed to diversify their portfolios. Deciding between them ultimately comes down to personal preference and your specific investment requirements.

Regal Assets may be ideal for investors interested in adding cryptocurrency investments and international storage solutions, while Oxford Gold Group might appeal more to collectors due to their exclusive and limited-edition collectible coins.

No matter which company they select, investors should conduct extensive research to assess individual goals and risk tolerance before making investment decisions in today’s ever-evolving economic climate. By doing this, their wealth can remain secure while growing over time.

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