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Saturday, April 20th 2024

Gold, silver and platinum investments have long been seen as an effective means of protecting oneself against market volatility, inflation and economic recessions. Given this investment strategy’s growing popularity among individual investors, numerous firms now provide tailored services and products tailored specifically towards them – two such being Rosland Capital and Oxford Gold Group; this article seeks to compare them in depth for potential investors so they can make an informed choice regarding which one best meets their individual requirements.

Background Information

Rosland Capital: Rosland was established by Marin Aleksov in 2008 in Los Angeles and boasts an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB, 1). Their clients benefit from education on investing in gold and other precious metals from day one of investing with them! Rosland Capital offers products tailored towards both novice and more seasoned investors – something which many firms cannot match up against!

Oxford Gold Group: The company was established in 2017 as one of the newest players in the precious metals industry. Based in Beverly Hills, California, Oxford Gold Group provides personalized assistance and services for investors seeking alternative investment strategies through gold and other precious metals. While relatively young in terms of age and industry experience, Oxford Gold Group has quickly built up an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau despite only recently entering this sector of investment.

Products and Services Offered

Rosland Capital: The company provides investors with an expansive selection of precious metal products, from coins and bars minted around the world, including gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars from mints worldwide to limited-edition coins created with notable organizations like Formula 1 or the PGA Tour as collaboration projects.

Rosland Capital provides clients with access to precious metals-backed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). This service enables clients to diversify their retirement portfolio with gold and other precious metals for protection against market fluctuations and inflationary concerns.

Oxford Gold Group: They also provide an expansive range of precious metal coins and bars made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium as well as some exclusive limited-edition offerings from well-known mints. Their inventory offers something special.

Oxford Gold Group also specializes in helping clients establish and manage precious metals-backed IRAs, providing expert assistance throughout this entire process. Their team can assist clients in selecting suitable metals through selecting custodians/depositories to store assets safely.

Customer Services

Rosland Capital: They take great pride in their excellent customer service, boasting experienced and knowledgeable account representatives ready to guide investors through the purchase of precious metals either individually or as an investment vehicle. Their specialists assist clients through each stage of investing.

Rosland Capital provides customized support, but also educational materials on their website – such as articles, videos and guides that aim to help investors better understand the advantages and risks involved with precious metal investing.

Oxford Gold Group: They stand out by emphasizing personalized service and building long-term relationships with their clients. Their precious metals experts specialize in various investment strategies that can tailor plans that suit an investor’s goals and risk tolerance, and offer individual consultations to clients.

Oxford Gold Group also provides educational materials on their website related to precious metals investing, from purchasing basic gold bars up to advanced strategies of portfolio diversification and beyond.

Pricing and Fees Details

Rosland Capital: Their pricing structure is generally competitive within the industry; however, precious metal prices may fluctuate daily based on market fluctuations. They charge one-time account setup fees for precious metal IRAs as well as annual fees that cover storage, insurance, and account management costs.

Rosland Capital provides clients looking to liquidate precious metal holdings an opportunity through our buyback program; however, prices may differ significantly from current market values so investors must carefully consider this factor when making decisions to sell assets.

Oxford Gold Group: They also provide competitive prices on precious metal products like Rosland Capital, in that they charge one-time account setup fees as well as annual storage, insurance and account management costs that align with industry norms.

Oxford Gold Group also offers a buyback program, which enables clients to sell precious metals back to them; however, investors should keep in mind that prices might not always reflect current market value of holdings.

Reputation and Customer Reviews

Rosland Capital: The company enjoys an overall excellent standing within the precious metals industry, holding an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau since 2009. Although they have encountered some customer discontentment in reviews written about Rosland Capital, most reviews praise its knowledgeable representatives, wide product offering, and commitment to client education.

Rosland Capital buyback prices have not met expectations among some clients as many received less than market value. This should be taken into consideration for investors looking to liquidate their holdings later.

Oxford Gold Group: It has quickly built up a solid presence in their industry since becoming established just a few years years ago, earning themselves an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau since 2018. Customer reviews consistently highlight personalized services provided by Oxford Gold Group along with expert account representatives who serve their clientele well.

Like Rosland Capital, some clients of Oxford Gold Group have voiced concerns that its buyback prices were less than market value for their precious metals – this is an issue often raised within the industry and should be factored into any investment decisions made by investors.


Rosland Capital as well as Oxford Gold Group are both well-known investment firms in precious metals that offer a range of services and products that are tailored to suit various investors’ needs. Both provide exceptional customer service, competitive prices, extensive educational resources and outstanding client assistance – though some customers have expressed reservations about purchase prices when choosing between the two companies.

Rosland Capital or Oxford Gold Group depends entirely upon an investor’s personal preferences, goals, and risk tolerance. Prior to making any investments decisions it is critical that extensive research be conducted, products compared, and consultation with financial advisor.

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