What Is The Best Way To Invest In Physical Gold?

Wednesday, July 17th 2024

Gold has long been considered an appealing investment option during times of economic volatility. Due to its track record for maintaining value over time, physical gold investing may be an attractive solution for protecting wealth (1) or diversifying investment portfolios. Exploring different investing methods involving physical gold such as bars, coins, jewelry, and vaults are available can help select one suitable to individual circumstances – this comprehensive article covers them all as well as discussing advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Gold Bars

A popular approach for investing in physical gold is by purchasing gold bars (often known as bullion). Gold bars typically range in size from as small as 1 gram up to 400 ounces; as your bar size grows larger so does your premium over spot price of gold; this often allows for you to gain more gold from purchasing larger bars for less.



Gold Coins

Another popular way of investing in physical gold is via purchasing gold coins from different mints worldwide. Each coin typically contains 1 ounce or less. There are two main kinds of gold coins – bullion coins are valued for their gold content while numismatic ones may also take into consideration factors like rarity and historical importance when considering value.



Gold Jewelry

Adding physical gold into your portfolio via jewelry purchases can be another effective means. While not as common, such investments provide diversification within an investment portfolio and offer storage value as a store of value.



Allocated and Unallocated Gold Storage

Investors looking for alternative gold storage options have both allocated and unallocated options available to them. Allocated storage means your gold is held separately in an offsite vault while unallocated means it becomes part of a pooled inventory.

Advantage and drawbacks:


Investing in physical gold can be a great method to diversify your portfolio, hedge against inflation and secure your wealth. There are various methods available for investing in physical gold like bars, jewelry storage and coins. Each method comes with distinct advantages and drawbacks. It’s therefore essential to evaluate your own individual requirements as well as the needs of prospective providers before settling on the one most suited to your needs.

When investing in physical gold, it’s critical that you choose reliable dealers, verify its authenticity, and consider storage/insurance solutions to secure it properly. With careful research and planning, physical gold investments may prove an asset-rich way of diversifying your financial strategy.

Ready to start a gold IRA rollover?

Making investments in gold can help you diversify your retirement investment portfolio. Because gold has little or no connection to equities or bonds, it reduces the risk for you in total. You may invest in gold via specialized gold IRA operators, which you can discover more about below.

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  • Benjamin says:

    Hi there!

    It sounds like bars and coins are the best way to invest in physical gold, right?


    • Hi Ben,

      This is correct, coins and bars are objectively the best ways to invest in physical gold, unless you’re a jeweler who can transform gold into jewelry pieces with a huge markup.

      Happy investing!