What States Have A Gold Depository?

Thursday, June 20th 2024

A key tenet of any robust financial ecosystem is protecting valuable assets. Precious metals – specifically gold – have long played an instrumental role in global economies as primary currency standards throughout history. Today, several states in America have created their own gold depositories which serve as fortresses against financial uncertainty – let us embark on this exciting adventure and uncover their stories!


Texas stands tall as an example in pioneering the creation of a state-run gold depository. When Texas Legislators established The Texas Bullion Depository in 2015 (1), their intention was to bring home over $1 billion stored in gold bars that were stored by the University of Texas Investment Management Company of New York.

The Texas Bullion Depository offers more than just secure storage; they also provide services related to gold and other precious metals including inspection, authentication, and retail sales. Their establishment reflects both Texas’ independent spirit as well as economic security concerns.


Following in Texas’s footsteps, Tennessee has also taken steps towards creating a state-run gold depository. The Tennessee Depository Act of 2020 provided all necessary provisions for creating, managing, and operating such an institution.

Though still under implementation at the time of writing, Tennessee’s legislation marks a crucial step toward greater financial independence. Once established, its depository should offer similar services to the Texas Bullion Depository.

Idaho, the “Gem State”

Idaho has long had an appreciation of precious metals such as gold. With this rich mining and appreciation history in place, Idaho plans on opening a gold depository under The Idaho State Gold Depository Act of 2021 which contains provisions necessary for establishment and management.

Idaho’s commitment to its mining legacy and forward-looking approach towards financial security are illustrated by this legislation, with Idahoans now having secure storage options available to them for gold and other precious metals – adding another shining gem in Idaho’s crown of glory.

Florida Vault

Florida’s unique approach to gold depositories stands out. The Florida Vault, owned and managed privately, provides secure storage of precious metals without direct management from state government; nonetheless it remains recognized and authorized to operate within Florida as part of Florida’s financial ecosystem.

This facility adheres to stringent security standards and offers various storage solutions from segregated to safe deposit boxes, all under one roof. The Florida Vault serves as proof that private industry and state legislation can work collaboratively towards offering effective financial solutions.

Kentucky’s Case

Kentucky may not yet host a state-run gold depository but deserves special note due to its considerable potential. Home to Fort Knox (2)–one of three United States Bullion Depositories located nationwide–the state already possesses robust infrastructure capable of accommodating such an endeavor.

Kentucky stands as an iconic center for America’s gold reserves and thus presents it with an invaluable advantage when discussing state-run gold depositories.


Establishment of state-run gold depositories shows forward thinking towards financial security and independence. As more states make plans to establish depositories of their own, we could witness an alteration in how gold plays an economic role.

But, these banks also have a deeper purpose in rekindling our historic connection with gold as we progress further into an ever more digital environment. Gold has a captivating tangible appeal, while also providing protection against future digital attacks.

As we’ve traveled throughout Texas, Tennessee, Idaho, Florida, and Kentucky we’ve observed that each state’s approach to gold depository differs, they all share one objective – providing secure storage solutions that serve humanity as one of its greatest sources of wealth.

Texas stands out as an independent spirit; Washington holds onto its mining past; Florida marries private and public enterprise successfully while Kentucky continues to pursue potential. All five of these states’ stories of gold depositories provide insight into a nation still deeply interwoven into our collective gold legacy of yesterday and tomorrow.

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