Which Is The Best Performing Gold ETF?

Wednesday, June 12th 2024

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) of gold is an investment vehicle traded on stock exchanges like individual stocks; designed to track its price as it moves, so investors gain exposure without owning physical gold. Gold ETFs have grown increasingly popular as a hedge against inflation (1), geopolitical unrest, and economic recession – however not all gold ETFs provide equal returns or suit all investors equally; in this post we’ll assess some of the top performing gold ETFs as well as assess their characteristics, performance, and suitability for specific investor types.

The Importance of Gold ETFs

Gold ETFs have grown increasingly popular as an investment vehicle due to several distinct advantages they provide investors with. First, they give exposure to the gold market without needing to store and insure physical gold; secondly they enable quick trades similar to trading stocks; thirdly and most significantly they diversify portfolios thus mitigating risk.

Gold ETFs have emerged as an attractive diversification option amid an ever-more-volatile global economy, due to their historic performance as “safe-haven assets”, making these ETFs attractive investments for many investors.

Key Factors in Assessing Gold ETFs

When choosing a gold ETF, several key considerations must be kept in mind. One such key element is performance history – usually assessed by comparing its returns against benchmarks such as gold prices – but other important components may include expense ratio (the costs associated with managing it), liquidity (how easily you can buy or sell shares of the ETF) and its holdings (whether physical gold or derivatives are held within its holdings).

Additionally, investors should assess the stability and reputation of the institution managing an ETF before investing. Larger, well-established fund managers tend to be better prepared to manage potential issues or crises with ease. Furthermore, depending on your jurisdiction tax implications for investing in gold ETFs can differ substantially, another factor worthy of careful consideration.

Overview of Top Performing Gold ETFs

Gold ETFs have consistently outperformed other gold funds on the market. Although past performance cannot guarantee future outcomes, an impressive track record could indicate an effective management team and fund:

Evaluation of Top Gold ETFs

While each ETF has shown strong performance, their individual traits could make one better suited to specific investors than another.

Tax Implications and Jurisdictional Considerations

Taxing gold ETFs can be complex and vary based on where investors reside; in the U.S. for instance, gold ETFs are classified as collectibles for taxation purposes resulting in potentially higher long-term capital gain tax rates compared with other investments options – an essential consideration when comparing net returns of these ETFs against others.

Investors from different jurisdictions could be subject to different tax issues. Therefore, before investing in gold ETFs it is recommended to consult an advisor in the field of finance or a tax professional.


While all three gold ETFs – SPDR Gold Shares (GLD), iShares Gold Trust (IAU), and GraniteShares Gold Trust (BAR) have produced positive returns, which ETF is best for each investor will depend on individual needs and investment goals and risk tolerance considerations.

Not to be overlooked when investing in gold ETFs are their potential tax repercussions, which may have an enormous effect on returns from investing. As with all investment decisions, conducting thorough research and seeking professional advice as necessary are of utmost importance for successful decision-making processes. Gold ETFs may provide easy exposure to the gold market – however they should only ever form one part of an overall well-diversified investment portfolio.

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